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Permanent Representative to NATO

CIOR is recognized by the MCC and in the structure of NATO.

CIOR is represented in the International Military Staff (IMS) in Plans & Policy Division (P&P)
by the Permanent Representative (PERMREP).

The current PERMREP is Lt.Col. Ben Jonckers (BE).
Contact e-mail:
  • Is the visual representative of the International CIOR & CIOMR Presidents in NATO HQ / IMS P&P Division in Brussels 
  • Is a point of contact for the Military Representatives in the International Staff in NATO HQ 
  • Is a counsellor and advisor of the presidencies of CIOR & CIOMR in NATO related reserve matters 
  • Organises the annual Mid-Winter Meeting session in NATO HQ Brussels 
  • Is in charge of the CIOR office in NATO HQ in Brussels 
  • Collects and keeps the archives of CIOR 
  • Promotes CIOR items in the strategic policy & concepts branch in IMS
The PERMREP is visible in IMS and NATO HQ, playing a role of point of contact for all CIOR members, associates and others to create a good relationship with all offices that support our engagement as reservist in NATO.

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