The Reserve Officer Workshop provides a week-long professional development opportunity for Reserve Officers in the OF2-3[1] rank range that is delivered concurrently with the annual Confederation of Interallied Officers of the Reserves’ (CIOR) Summer Congress. CIOR Summer Symposium forms part of the ROW programme, providing complimentary access to all ROW delegates.

An enriching experience for Reserve Officers, the future leaders of CIOR and their forces within the NATO Alliance, the programme provides:

● Individual personal and professional development;
● Mutually beneficial support to their Reserve Forces career;
● Offer a foundation to develop the confidence and competence to work in a multi-national NATO environment;
● The opportunity to establish multi-national relationships.


The week-long programme is designed to build upon the experience of Officers and provide an introduction to working in Staff Officer appointments within a Multi-National Headquarters environment; to colleagues from NATO and PfP nations.

During the workshop, participants will explore contemporary defence issues most relevant to NATO and the Reserve Forces. Principal benefits include:

  • Enhancing joint and combined interoperability and professional development;
  • Strengthening ties among Alliance countries through personal exchanges between Reserve Officers;
  • Preparing Reserve Officers for positions of increasing responsibility within their own Reserve Forces.
  • Learning compromise and diplomacy, within an international context;
  • Gaining an understanding of the spectrum of global geopolitical tensions, interactions, national perceptions and relationships in an international environment;
  • Allowing Reserve Officers to critically explore the diversity of their colleagues’ civilian and military processes, traditions and values;
  • Providing an opportunity for Reserve Officers of NATO and NATO Partner Nations to gain a unique experience and individual perspective of multi-national and inter-allied reserve forces.

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[1] Army – Captain-Major, Navy – Lieutenant-Lieutenant Commander and equivalent ranks across other services and nations.