CIOR & CIOMR Summer Congress 2017

CIOR & CIOMR Summer Congress 2017

Start: 2018-02-08 | End: 2018-02-10
Location: NATO HQ, Brussels

Summer Congress: 30JULY-05AUGUST 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

The 70th International CIOR & CIOMR Summer Congress will take place in Prague from July 30th to August 5th 2017.

Registration can be done through – however, if you want to get information now, please have a look at the attached documents as these will provide you with a detailed program.



Start: 2017-07-16 | End: 2017-07-29
Location: Gdynia, Poland

CIOR Language Academy 2017 will take place from July 16th to July 29th, 2017 in Gdynia, Poland.

For registration, please visit

CIOR Seminar 2017

CIOR Seminar 2017

Start: 2017-02-05 | End: 2017-02-08
Location: Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn, Germany

Sudden Knock-out or eventual points loss – How our security state will lose the fight
Increasing redundancy and improving surge management

This year’s CIOR Seminar on IS brought together a diverse audience and speakers from a wide range of subjects and professions, allowing for energetic discussions in which opinions were constructively challenged and scrutinised.

Together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Gustav Streesemann Institute we have been able to attract a number of high qualified and subject matter experts. The Seminar is a joint effort by CIOR, the Konrad Adenauer foundation and the Gustav Streesemann Institute and will take place from Sunday, 5 February 2017, until Wednesday, 8 February in Bonn, Germany.

Registration is still open until Dec 7th. To register, please follow this link:…/register-now-for-the-2…/



Start: 2017-04-05 | End: 2017-04-08
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

IBM 2: 05-08 APRIL 2017, Prague, Czech Republic  |  Vienna House Diplomat Prague  |  Evropska 15  |  160 00 Praha 6

Dear CIOR fellow officer,

You are hereby cordially invited to attend the CIOR In-Between Meeting IBM-2 which will takeplace in Prague, Czech Republic, 05-08 APRIL 2017.

Recommended Attendance:
National VP, ASG and Committee Chairs with Secretaries

  • In accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws the presidency declares that the IBM2 will be a special meeting with voting.
  • Please note that the presidency may call a board meeting as needed or as requested bythe Council during the IBM.

The objectives of this meeting are to clearly define the work and direction of CIOR for theperiod and to follow up on the actions from MWM 2017 and to prepare for the SummerCongress 2017 in Prague.

With these key initiatives in mind, we would like to ask all VP and Committee Chairs to have areports and vision of their work for the next 18 months ready to be updated.

Committee updates and expected detailed expenditures: please submit these by 25 MARCH2017 to:, so that we can prepare accordingly and fine tune theagenda.

For more information, please refer to the invitation below.

We are looking forward to the working session with you, as we do consider all of you andextension of our team.

CIOR Presidency Team


CIOR Winter Meeting 2018

Start: 2017-02-09 | End: 2017-02-11
Location: Botermarkt 1 9000 GENT Belgium



In January 2017 the NATO HQ will move into its new Brussels headquarters. As it will take until the end of June 2017 to complete the move, the MWM 2017 will not take place at the Brussels NATO HQ.

We are extremely grateful for the hospitality of the City of GENT, who offers to host the coming MWM CIOR / CIOMR 2017, as supported by CIOR council.

The 2017 Winter Meeting will be held in GENT (GHENT) from

Thursday 09 February to Saturday 11 February 2017.

  1. The Czech Presidency is looking for the guest speaker from NATO of SHAPE.
  2. The Closing Dinner will be held at NH HOTEL on Friday, 10 February 2017 to which spouses and other guests are welcome. The registration documentation is enclosed.
  3. Venue: TOWN HALL of the City of GENT

4. Registration

The registration has two distinct elements, each of which can be done independently.

4.1.The MWM Registration Forms (includes the security Pass Registration)

have to be sent to the Secretary General of CIOR (POC see item # 20) by mail.

4.2 The hotel reservation has to done directly with the hotels. All forms are

attached. Meeting Registration Form – Attached you find an excel sheet, with is to be filled in

for the complete delegation by the one contact person of a country.

We could make the best and unique rating with follow hotels in different * categories


Price breakfast included

€ 115,00 single room per night

€ 130,00 double room per night

+ city tax 3 € per room per night

You can book the NH Hotel by the attached fax sheet and send it by e-mail or by fax directly to the hotel.


Price breakfast included

€ 99,00 classic single room per night

€ 115,00 classic double room per night

+ city tax 3 € per room per night

You can book the NOVOTEL hotel by the attached fax sheet and send it by e-mail or by fax directly to the hotel.


Price breakfast included

€ 79,00 classic single room per night

€ 94,00 classic double room per night

+ city tax 3 € per room per night

You can book the IBIS HOTEL Kathedraal by the attached fax sheet and send it by e-mail or by fax directly to the hotel.


Price breakfast included

€ 69,00 classic single room per night

€ 84,00 classic double room per night
+ city tax 3 € per room per night

You can book the IBIS HOTEL OPERA by the attached fax sheet and send it by e-mail or by fax directly to the hotel.

5. It is important that ASGs or their appointed delegates provide the above information as early as possible to ensure that we can effectively plan for the meeting. All registration information and payments must be submitted in accordance with the deadline detailed on the forms. All forms must be fully completed with accurate information

(date of birth is very important) before the 26th of December 2016.


6. The registration fee is € 200,00 per registrant. This amount includes: the guided visit of the “ Mystic Lamb of the Brothers VAN EYCK “ in the Cathedral and the followed reception and lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the closing dinner, administration items and insurance costs. We strongly encourage delegations to pay in bulk, rather than by individual payment; this will save a significant amount of administration for our staff. All payment must be made in advance, and not later than the 20th of January 2017. Please send a detailed list with the names of the participants to POC in case of payment in bulk.

All payments that are made must be free of bank charges.

Cheques or post-assignation will not be accepted.

The necessary bank information for payment is below:


CIOR Presidency,


ING Brussels NATO, Boulevard Leopold III, 1110 Brussels, Belgium

IBAN CODE: BE69 310 192 030 178


7. NOTE: Registration will only be confirmed by payment. All payments later than

22 January 2017 will automatically increased with 50% surcharge.

Participation of Guests

8. Guests are welcome to participate at both the Thursday visit the “the Mystic Lamb “ of the Brothers VAN EYCK and the drink, and the Closing Dinner.

Fees for the reception is € 25,00 and for the closing dinner is € 75,00.

Please put the guests in the registration form.


9. The participants are required to make their own travel arrangements to and from GHENT ! In Brussels Airport (level – 1) you find Train connections to GHENT / SINT-PIETERS STATION and in Ghent direct tram line 1 or 21 (TBC) to the Center where all hotels are located. Taxi transport is also available.

10. The participants are required to make their own transportation to and from the Brussels airport and the hotels. There is an very easy public transport to GENT.

11. All meetings and social activities are available on foot distance (max 500 mtrs)

Working Agenda

12. The draft agenda will be distributed prior to Christmas.

13. All questions about the council and committees activities should be addressed to the Czech POC (see item 20).

14. All questions about organization in Gent should be addressed to the Permanent Representative of CIOR at NATO.


15. Due the exceptional situation this alternative program will be hold in English language and no translations to English and French will be provided as usual.

Non-smoking policy

16. The conference and meeting area are non-smoking area.

Security and administrative regulations for all participants:

17. Your individual identification access badge and documents will be available at the registration desk in : Sint-BAAFSHUIS, Biezekapelstraat, 2, 9000 GENT near the Cathedral.

18. During this event you have to keep your identification badge with you for justification.

19. Dress Code Service Dress for all events. Closing dinner Mess dress

CIOR MWM 2017 Points of Contact (POC)

20. For confirmation or any administrative questions regarding the meetings, please contact the Czech POC :

1stLieutenant (R) Jaroslav HAJECEK
Secretary General

Phone: cell CZ +420 739 603 777 cell UAE +971 562 192 813


in cc : cell +32 (0) 475 78 18 25

21. For any other questions regarding the organization of the MWM in Gent, please contact the Permanent Representative Captain (Navy) (H) Jacques

De DECKER (POC see item # 20) .