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What we do

The CIOR Language Academy (CLA) teaches English and French as a second language, emphasizing a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation to CIOR. The instructors, qualified reserve officers as well as skilled linguists and teachers, are provided by CIOR member nations and are selected through a competitive process.
The students are NATO reserve officers and active duty officers from the democracies of Europe, America and Canada. Through the Language Academy, they are provided an essential and indispensable tool to carry out international NATO business – the ability to communicate in one of NATO’s two official languages.

The summer academy runs annually for two weeks in a different host nation.  Previous hosts have included Estonia, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Turkey and The Republic of North Macedonia.  Students on both the English course (EFL) and French course (FFL) have the opportunity to sit the STANAG language examination run by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at level 2 and 3. This language qualification is required for careers and deployments within NATO and is much sought after.


Our History

Established in 2000, the CLA was a CIOR initiative in support of the Partnership for Peace programme and to date has taught more than 400 officers from across 27 nations.  In 2008 the first examinations were introduced to the FFL course, with EFL examinations following in 2010.  In 2017 the CLA was re-developed to address the needs of the modern-day military.  Links have become established with the NRFC and SHAPE in Brussels as well as Westpoint USA and the Paris Staff Officer College. In 2018 a record number of 130 students applied for the 100 spaces.  In 2019 the academy developed a new social programme and set out new criteria to encourage diversity in the student population.  Since 2018 four students on the FFL course have been accepted on the Staff Officer Course in Paris.


Our Students

The CIOR Language Academy is open to Reserve Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers below 60 years of age, or with residual service remaining.  Active Duty / Regular Officers and Senior NCOs are also welcome as a second priority.  Civilians with military affiliations may also apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.  The course is not suitable for beginners.  All applicants should consider attendance at the academy as a progression tool in their military career.


For more information

For information regarding the CLA, please contact the CIOR Language Academy Committee, responsible for the planning and execution of the CLA on


 summer 2022

Will be held at the Chalkida Infantry School near Athens in the summer of 2022

Updates will be posted on this website regularly.

Local Information

The “Velissariou Ioannis” Camp is located next to the port of the city of Chalkida and near the bridge of the Strait of Evripos. The island of Evia is separated from Central Greece by the Strait of Evripos, which at the point of the bridge has a distance of 40 m and a depth of 8.5 m. Chalkida is older than both Athens and Sparta. It is said that its name comes from the Phoenician word “Kalchi” which means purple, due to the fact that shells were fished in the area from which the purple (red) colour came out. 

The school is less than 500m from the seafront and in the middle of a busy town with restaurants, banks and supermarkets.

The full address is – Infantry School, Camp “Thi (PZ) Velissariou Ioannis”, Terma Liaska, Chalkida, PC 34100


COVID Information

The academy will continue to monitor the situation and take advice from our Greek hosts.  All plans are subject to change due to the COVID situation.  Should the academy be cancelled, all participants will receive a full refund. In addition, any participant needing to cancel due to own situation will also receive a full refund.

Information regarding requirements for vaccination certificates or evidence of PCR tests will be published soon.

Cost (the following costs are still to be confirmed)

The cost of messing, accommodation, transportation in host nation and social activities for this two week course is  500 (Euros) for Reserve Officers and Senior NCOs and  600 (Euros) for Active Duty Officers and Senior NCOs. Tuition is free.  There will be an additional charge for those wanting to take the STANAG examination at the end of the course which is expected to be 50 Euros.

Accommodation and catering is provided from the Sunday prior to course start date until the last Saturday of the course.  Anyone needing additional days either side of this may be charged an extra fee per day.


CIOR scholarships are available for a limited list of eligible countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia) thus allowing attendees from such countries to get a financial reimbursement for part of their expenses to attend CLA2021.  Reimbursement rate for CIOR scholarship will be based on per capita Gross Domestic Product according to Eurostat (European Commission) statistics as follows:

⁃ Slovenia (82), Czech Republic (82), Estonia (73) will get a 50% reimbursement.
⁃ Poland (67), Hungary (66), Croatia (61) will get a 75% reimbursement
⁃ Bulgaria (45), Albania (28) will get a 100% reimbursement.
(The number after each country name shows that country’s per capita GDP as a percentage of the EU-28 level which is considered to be 100.)

In addition, an age limit applies to the granting of CIOR Scholarships. Persons who will attain 50 years of age by 31 December 2020 are not eligible. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

CIOR Language Academy 2021 has been endorsed by NATO in the NATO Partnership Work Program (PWP). This program allows most PfP and MD countries to be eligible for financial support and thus get a financial reimbursement for the expenses of the students attending the CIOR Language Academy 2021. The program is restricted to military personnel, civilians are not eligible for funding.


All interested parties must apply using the forms shown on the website

Applications for the French and English classes will be considered on an individual basis by the CLA Heads of Department.   All candidates will be contacted to confirm the application has been received.  They will be contacted again once a decision has been taken regarding their application and those who are successful will be directed to the payment page to complete the registration. Registration fees will be paid by bank transfer ONLY and formal receipts will be issued


Click on one of the links here below or go to CLA Application Forms page.




All students and staff are to wear working service uniform during classes.  As all nations have different dress states students are to use common-sense and own nation direction to ensure they represent their military to a good standard.  Attention should be paid to the climate of the host nation where summer short-sleeve order may be more suitable.  Those who are issued more formal uniforms may wish to bring one for the opening and closing ceremony, but this is not mandatory.  Outside of classes casual clothes or sports kit is recommended.


The academy promotes an inclusive environment.  All participants are expected to respect each other regardless of background, rank, religion, sex.  Rank is not to be used at the academy, everyone is on first name terms.  Rank is only to be used when external military or diplomatic personnel visit, or when the academy director is present.

Classes will be held under the program approved by the management of the Academy.
The following will be considered grounds for dismissal from CLA 2021:

  • Prolonged failure to attend in class.
  • Conduct disruptive to the studies of other students.
  • Intoxication during school hours or at school functions.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Academic cheating.
  • Conduct unbecoming of a member of the Armed Forces.

Moderate use of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits, etc) is permitted during leisure times.  However, students are expected to behave as ambassadors of their country at all times.

Smoking is only in permitted areas with due respect for all attendees.

There are no restrictions on leaving and return to the training centre.  However, ensure that you speak to a responsible CLA faculty or staff member before leaving the course during classroom hours.  Emergencies do occur, but generally your duty is to be at the Training Centre until 1700hrs.


The final program of the 2 weeks will be distributed to all the students as soon as it is available. An example of the proposed timetable can be found below. 
Please note that the CIOR Language Academy is an immersion language experience which, in addition to the daily academic lessons and activities, offers a comprehensive social programme and cultural excursions. This is designed to encourage interaction between all students, and therefore very little time is available for personal errands.  The military excursion on the intermediate weekend is mandatory.