CIOR Language Academy (CLA)


The CIOR Language Academy (CLA) teaches English and French as a second language, emphasizing a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation to CIOR. The instructors, qualified reserve officers as well as skilled linguists and teachers, are provided by CIOR member nations and are selected through a competitive process.
The students are NATO reserve officers and active duty officers of the new democracies of Eastern and Central Europe. Through the Language Academy, they are provided an essential and indispensable tool to carry out international NATO business – the ability to communicate in one of NATO’s two official languages. Established in 2000, CLA was a CIOR initiative in support of the Partnership for Peace program and has matriculated more than 300 officers from every nation of Eastern and Central Europe.

CIOR Language Academy is open to Reserve Officers or Active Officers below 60 years of age. NCOs, civilians with military affiliations and Retired Officers will have lower priority according to availability.

For contact information regarding the CLA, please contact the CIOR Language Academy Committee, responsible for the planning and execution of the CLA or 


20 july – 1 august

CIOR Language Academy 2020 will be held in Belgium. Location to be confirmed.

The day of arrival scheduled for STUDENTS is Sunday 19 July and the day of departure is the afternoon of Saturday 1 AugustThe day of arrival scheduled for FACULTY AND STAFF is Saturday 18 July (Friday 17 July for Heads of Department) and the day of departure is Saturday 1 August.