CIOR Language Academy (CLA)


The CIOR Language Academy (CLA) teaches English and French as a second language, emphasizing a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation to CIOR. The instructors, qualified reserve officers as well as skilled linguists and teachers, are provided by CIOR member nations and are selected through a competitive process.
The students are NATO reserve officers and active duty officers of the new democracies of Eastern and Central Europe. Through the Language Academy, they are provided an essential and indispensable tool to carry out international NATO business – the ability to communicate in one of NATO’s two official languages. Established in 2000, CLA was a CIOR initiative in support of the Partnership for Peace program and has matriculated more than 300 officers from every nation of Eastern and Central Europe.

CIOR Language Academy is open to Reserve Officers or Active Officers below 60 years of age. NCOs, civilians with military affiliations and Retired Officers will have lower priority according to availability.

For contact information regarding the CLA, please contact the CIOR Language Academy Committee, responsible for the planning and execution of the CLA or

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CIOR LANGUAGE ACADEMY 2020 – Liège, Belgium

20 July – 1 August

CLA2020 will convene 20 July – 1 August 2020 at the Haute École de la Province de Liège (Centre d’Enseigment Paramedical) known as HEPL, at Quai du Barbou 2, 4020 Liège, Belgium.

The day of arrival scheduled for students is Sunday 19 July and the day of departure is Saturday 1 August. For instructors and staff the day of arrival is Saturday 18 July and the day of departure is Saturday 1 August.
The cost of berthing, messing and sponsored social activities for this two week course is 500 Euros for Reserve Officers and 600 Euros for Active Duty Officers and Civilians. Tuition is free.

STANAG 6001 testing will be provided up to SLP level 3333 for the English language. 
French language exams up to level 3333 are conducted as authorized by the French Direction des ressources humaines de l’armée de Terre (DRHAT).
An administration fee of 70 Euros will be applied to all those taking STANAG exam.

CIOR Language Academy is open to Reserve Officers or Active Officers below 60 years of age. NCOs, civilians with military affiliations and Retired Officers will have lower priority according to availability.

CIOR scholarships are available for a limited list of eligible countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia) thus allowing attendees from such countries to get a financial reimbursement for part of their expenses to attend CLA20. 

Reimbursement rate for CIOR scholarship will be based on per capita Gross Domestic Product according to Eurostat (European Commission) statistics as follows:
Slovenia (82), Czech Republic (82), Estonia (73) will get a 50% reimbursement.
Poland (67), Hungary (66), Croatia (61) will get a 75% reimbursement
Bulgaria (45), Albania (28) will get a 100% reimbursement.
(The number after each country name shows that country’s per capita GDP as a percentage of the EU-28 level which is considered to be 100.)
In addition, an age limit applies to the granting of CIOR Scholarships. Persons who will attain 50 years of age by 31 December 2019 are not eligible. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

CIOR Language Academy 2020 has been endorsed by NATO in the NATO Partnership Work Program (PWP). This program allows most PfP and MD countries to be eligible for financial support and thus get a financial reimbursement for the expenses of the students attending the CIOR Language Academy 2020. The program is restricted to military personnel, civilians are not eligible for funding.
A basic knowledge of the language is required. No beginners admitted.


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The CIOR Language Academy 2020 will be held at the Haute École de la Province de Liège (Centre d’enseignment Paramedical) known as HEPL.
Liege lies 95km to the east of Brussels, with average temperatures in July ranging from 13°C to 22°C.

The day of arrival scheduled for STUDENTS is Sunday 19 July and departure is from the afternoon of Saturday 1 August.

The day of arrival scheduled for FACULTY AND STAFF is Saturday 18 July (Friday 17 for Heads of Department) and the day of departure is Saturday 1 August.

The main airports are Brussels International (72m from Liege) and Maastricht (38km).  Liege has three main train stations but the largest and most frequent from Brussels-Zuid is Liege-Guillemins. Check for travel information, time schedules and tickets. 
The host nation will provide transportation from and to Liege-Guillemins (the cost of the service is included in the registration fee).

As soon as your application is accepted and your participation confirmed, you will be sent a form to be filled out with all your travel information.
Your pick up and transportation in Liege will be arranged according to the details provided.

For those of you driving to Liege, the address of the Haute École de la Province de Liège is:
Quai du Barbou 2, 4020 Liège, Belgium.
Limited parking will be available within the college grounds.

The College is in a quiet suburb in the north of Liege but has excellent bus routes into the town center which is a 25 minute walk away.  There is a small park for sports, a small cinema and a mini market within 10 minutes of the College.

Bedrooms in the college are single occupancy each with a wardrobe, basin and additional storage. Bed linen will be provided but students must bring own towels, soap etc.
Many have ethernet ports and all have plug type C and E sockets. Wifi should be available in key locations throughout the main building.
There are individual showers and toilets at the end of each corridor and all floors have a common-room and/or kitchen with fridge and cooker.

There is a large cafeteria within the main building and many vending machines offering snacks and drinks throughout the building.
Laundry facilities are limited and students are advised to bring enough clothing to last the full two weeks.
There is a local laundromat 10 minutes from the college should the need arise.


The Belgium currency is EURO.
Registration fees to attend CLA2020 are the following:
500,00 (Euros) for Reserve Officers
€ 600,00 (Euros) for Active Duty Officers and Civilians
An administration fee of 70,00 Euros will be applied to all those taking STANAG exam.

The fee covers the costs for accommodation, social activities, transportation in host nation, and meals from Sunday 19 to Saturday 1 August, for longer stays you will be requested to pay an extra fee per day.
Registration fees will be paid by bank transfer ONLY and formal receipts will be issued.

In case of cancellations:
By June 15: 100% refund of the registration fee
After June 15: NO REFUND

The registration fee covers the cost of accommodation and meals from Sunday 19 to Saturday 1 August, for longer stays you will be requested to pay an extra fee per day.

All interested parties must apply using the forms shown on the website  

ON LINE APPLICATION IS MANDATORY. Applications for the French and English classes will be considered on an individual basis by the CLA Heads of Department.  Priority will be given to Reserve Officers and SNCOs, however Regular Officers, SNCOs and MOD employees should still apply as they may still be allocated places.  All candidates will be contacted once a decision has been taken regarding their application, those who are successful will be directed to the payment page to complete the registration.

Working service uniform (summer short-sleeve uniforms are acceptable) is required every day whilst in lessons or at formal events (opening and closing ceremony).  Outside of classes casual clothes or sports kit is recommended.


Classes will be held under the program approved by the management of the Academy.
The following will be considered grounds for dismissal from CLA 2020:

  • Prolonged failure to attend in class.
  • Conduct disruptive to the studies of other students.
  • Intoxication during school hours or at school functions.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Academic cheating.
  • Conduct unbecoming of a member of the Armed Forces.

Moderate use of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits, etc) is permitted during leisure times.  However, students are expected to behave as ladies and gentlemen at all times.

Smoke only in permitted areas with due respect for all attendees. 

There are no restrictions on leaving and return to the training center.  However, ensure that you speak to a responsible CLA faculty or staff member before leaving the course during classroom hours.  Emergencies do occur, but generally your duty is to be at the Training Center until 1700hrs.

You are attending the CIOR Language Academy to improve your fluency in one of the two NATO languages: English and French.  You are encouraged to use your new language skills at all times. 

The final program of the 2 weeks will be distributed to all the students as soon as it is available.
Please note that the CIOR Language Academy is an immersion language experience which, in addition to the daily academic lessons and activities, offers a comprehensive social programme and cultural excursions. This is designed to encourage interaction between all students, and therefore very little time is available for personal errands.  The military excursion on the intermediate weekend is mandatory.

CLA schedule 2020-draft