CIOR President briefed Military Committee

Brussels, 10 October 2019: The CIOR President, UK Colonel Chris Argent (Retd.) last Monday presented the CIOR Annual Report 2018- 19 to the NATO Military Committee (MC). The report – the first in four years – highlighted the breadth of work being undertaken by CIOR on Reserves Issues.

The report included Cyber, The Young Reserve Officer and Reserves’ ‘Best practice’ and the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NATO Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) that agreed closer working ties to further Reserves issues within NATO.

The President reiterated that the primary task of CIOR is to be in support of NATO and in the preparation of Reservists for participation in NATO missions.

Photo, NATO HQ: General view of a NATO Military Committee meeting. CIOR President Colonel Argent (UK Army Retd.) inserted.

NATO’s reserves higher in demand

In his introduction, the Chairman of the MC, Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach (UK) highlighted the 2012 NATO Framework Policy on Reserves, and noted that most military operations now involved reservists – as regular force numbers have declined and developing niche trades often play into the reservists’ skill set.

Compliments for milestone achievements

Following the report from Colonel Argent, a number of Countries’ MC Representatives asked questions – and compliments were paid to CIOR for its process of transformation now being undertaken, that its future strategic vision was affirmed as presented by the President to the MC, that an MoU with NRFC was achieved, and how CIOR were supporting the development of Reserves across the Alliance.

Supported re-establishment of link to SHAPE

In addition, all speakers endorsed the proposal to re-establish the link between CIOR, the Reserves and the NATO operational headquarters SHAPE [Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe], and to address resource consequences of CIOR’s new level of activity – as well as to maximise CIOR’s effectiveness and Strategic Communications work.

In conclusion the Chairman of the MC, recognising the vital role now played by Reserves within NATO, was keen to see closer relationships with both CIOR and NRFC.