CIOR President Speaks at Diversity Conference

The President of CIOR Colonel Chris Argent (Retd.) recently spoke at a conference on diversity in the armed forces, in Quebec, Canada. The conference, organized by UNIDEF (project management company in defense industry dealing with technology and know-how transfer of defense products) took place at Université Laval 27 March 2019.

Des membres du commandement de la 2e Division du Canada, assistent à 10e rencontre Université Défense (UNIDEF) sur la thématique Diversité et Défense du Canada, à l’Université Laval, Québec, Qc, le 27 mars 2019.
Photo par: Cavalier Marc-André Leclerc, Affaires publiques du 5 GBMC

The CIOR President was amongst one and two-star military speakers from the Canadian, UK and French armed forces as well as academics from the university’s Security Faculty. The speakers addressed an audience of several hundred delegates.

The CIOR President gave an overview on current progress in improving diversity in the armed forces, the challenges of recruiting the ‘millenial generation’ and the opportunities that the recruitment of a more diverse human resource component gives the armed forces to meet the challenges of future and changing threats to peace.