The CIOR/CIOMR/CISOR Summer Congress 2022 will take place in Athens, Greece, 30 July – 5 Aug. The largest annual meeting of CIOR and CIOMR is held in the summer, each year in a different country and organised by a separate member national reservist association. In 2017, the Congress was held in Prague, the Czech Republic; in 2018 in Quebec, Canada; in 2019 and 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2022, Greece will be hosting the congress in its capital city of Athens and the surrounding areas.

CIOR (Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve) is the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers. It consists of reserve officer organisations of NATO member states and other participating nations – 34 in total – representing the interests of around 1.3 million reservists. CIOR is the world’s largest military reserve officers’ organisation.

CIOMR (Confédération Interalliée des Officers Médicaux de Réserve) is the association which brings together medical reservists. It works with the COMEDS committee formed by the Heads of Medical Services of NATO member countries.

CISOR (Confédération Interalliée des Sous-Officiers de Réserve) is the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers. It consists of 14 NATO and affiliate member states. CISOR cooperates formally on various projects with CIOR and CIOMR.

Wreath Laying

The Wreath Laying Ceremony is going to take place at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a war memorial located in Syntagma Square in Athens, in front of the Old Royal Palace. It is a cenotaph dedicated to the Greek soldiers killed during war. It was sculpted between 1930 and 1932 by sculptor Fokion Rok. The tomb is guarded by the Evzones of the Presidential Guard.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place at Zappeion Megaron. The Zappeion Megaron is a part of the national heritage of the Greek civilisation, designed by T. Hansen (1874-1888). Evangelis Zappas, a Greek patriot and benefactor from North Epirus, envisaged the rebirth of the spirit of ancient Greece and devoted his life to the revival of the Olympic Games and the promotion of the Arts. The Zappeion Megaron has been an active part of Greece’s history and that of Hellenism, for the last 130 years. Cultural events of great importance take place within the precinct. The Olympia(d) and Bequests Committee, not only highlights the historical milestones related to the Olympic activities, but also to those related to the cultural identity of Greece in general.

Gala Dinner

The closing Gala Dinner is going the be hosted at the Congress hotel, Athenaeum Intercontinental.