Civil-Military Exercise (CIMEX)

Civil-Military Exercise

The CIMIC Committee hosts an annual table-top Civil-Military Exercise (CIMEX) prior to the CIOR Summer Congress every year and in 2018 the CIMEX was added into the NATO Military & Training Education Program (MTEP). During CIMEX 2020, there was another first for CIOR, as the 2020 CIOR CIMEX for the first time was run both online and physically.

The overriding principles of CIMEX are:

  • Demonstrating civil-military liaison skills
  • Collaboration and Information-sharing on emerging NATO challenges
  • Promoting best practices and professional development within in the CIMIC community

The exercise is tailored for approximately 50 participants each year. Contact the CIOR CIMIC committee for information on how to apply to be a participant.