CLA Committee

CIOR Language Academy Committee

Committee Tasks

Plan and execute annual CIOR Language Academy, in both official languages, in the most appropriate venue available.

Committee Definition

The CIOR Language Academy Committee, or CLAC, is a non-universal access committee. CLAC receives its directions from the CIOR International Presidency. As per the CIOR By-laws, CLAC consists of six (6) members only, a President, a Deputy,  and four other members. Ideally the eight members should come from the countries where the NATO official languages are used as mother tongue, and from the countries which should benefit most of the Language Academy. A background in education, either in teaching or in administration, should also be seen as positive to become a member of this committee. The President of the CLAC is normally the Director of the CIOR Language Academy.

Committee Mission

The CIOR Language Academy Committee’s main mission is to plan the Language Academy.

Planning takes place at committee meetings during the CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM) and during the CIOR annual summer congress, and when necessary at other times of the year by email. It consists of:

  • Working with the VPs and SGs of the CIOR council to spark off candidate countries willing to host a Language Academy, or a refresher course;
  • Ensuring the candidate countries have the environment recommended in the CIOR Language Academy (CLA) operations manual, including an inspection visit by the CLA Director;
  • Working with NATO fund manager to set up the appropriate CLA classes information in the NATO education plan;
  • Working with the International Presidency and the NATO fund manager to ensure the Language Academy PfP students reimbursement process is in place;
  • Maintain the Language Academy Operations Manual up to date to ensure it reflects the latest evolutions of the obligations and environment, especially in terms of academic curriculum and CLA host nation responsibilities;
  • Working with the VPs and secretaries of the CIOR council to find appropriate candidates when a member of the committee has to be replaced;
  • Recommending a Language Academy host nations to the CIOR Council, or a refresher course host nation;
  • Ensuring a Language Academy set up is in accordance with the CIOR by-laws and the CIOR International Presidency and CIOR council directions;
  • Approving the refresher course as a CLAC responsibility.

CLAC Responsibility is to make sure the Language Academy will run in the most favorable conditions. The selection of its members should reflect this primary objective. Reserve members of CLAC have the rare opportunity to work in a joint and combined international military environment gaining experience far beyond their national perspective. They gain special knowledge that can be applied to their respective reserve units and their civilian fields. This is a valuable career development tool for Reserve Officers involved in the Committee’s activities.

Contact Information

Position Member Email
Chairman CLA Colonel Stanislas de Magnienville (FRA)
Deputy CLA Major Stephanie Still (UK)
CLA Administrative and Financial Officer Dr. Isabella Zanetto (ITA)
Head of English Department – CLA Squadron Leader Jilly Pritchard (UK)
Head of French Department – CLA Major Nicolas Bayol (FRA)
Member CLA Lieutenant Christoph Wessendorf (GER)
Member CLA Major Péter Szaló (HUN)
Member CLA 2nd Lieutenant Pavel Gontšarov (EST)
Member CLA Flt Lt Judy Davis (UK)