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Faculty/Staff Application Form

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This year the CIOR Council established a fund to provide limited support to faculty not supported by their military service, military association, or government. The support amounts to a reduction of approximately 100 € from the usual fee. The funds are therefore a partial reduction for teachers not supported by their government or association. The faculty members, as well as any administrative volunteers, remain responsible for the full extent of the fee; reimbursement is made after the fact. You should coordinate with your CIOR Vice President to determine if other funding is possible. Yes, I understand *

I understand that if funding is not provided by my country, I am willing to pay for my own expenses of attendance. Yes, I understand *

I authorize the processing of my personal data (EU GDPR 679/2016)*

Applications must be submitted NO LATER THAN JUNE 15
and will not be accepted after that date.

An email receipt is normally sent a couple of days after the submission.
Should you not receive it please contact