Defense Attitudes and Security Issues Committee

Defence Attitudes and Security Issues Committee

  • Mission: A cerebral think-and-do-tank, addressing pertinent current and emergent global security and defense challenges at a strategic level in order to drive CIOR innovation, thereby improving the operational effectiveness and interoperability of NATO and Allied Reserve forces.
  • Vision: Informing Reserve-centered policy development of our evolving stakeholders in the international, national, corporate, and academic spheres while cultivating a sustained relationship with NATO and our respective Ministries of Defense.


CIOR is working to provide reserve officers with up-to-date information about available and useful resources online. Within e-learning, CIOR collects and assesses available resources before linking to them on this page.

This work is ongoing and the contents of this portal will be updated over time.

Below you will find links to e-learning resources addressing military training (or training relevant for military personnel) online as well as general information about accessibility and course catalogues.

Note that CIOR is not the publisher of the e-learning portals that we link to. For inquiries about content, conditions or other questions specifically related to these portals please contact the publisher according to the information provided on each portal.

The Peace Operations Training Institute

This portal provides self-paced courses on peace support, humanitarian relief, and security operations.  Their curriculum fulfils many training needs, including preparing for deployment to a peacekeeping mission, increasing effectiveness in the field, and increasing insight and knowledge of the UN system.

Organization: Peace Operations Training Institute is an independent non-profit organization.


Languages: All courses are available in English. Some courses are available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic (special course packages are available in French and Spanish)

Requirements: To sign up for an account you need to provide your name and email

Prices: Course material (for example printed text books) cost up to $ 75 USD. Online training varies between free and a cost of $ 60 USD depending on course. Special course packages are available for $ 650 USD.

General information about course catalogue/Course areas:

  • Core course (3)
  • Humanitarian Concepts and Human Rights (6)
  • Mission Components, Operations, and Procedures (9)
  • Gender Awareness (5)
  • Logistics (3)
  • History of Peacekeeping Operations (3)

NATO ACT e-Learning

NATO currently offers over 300 hours of quality, on-demand, cost saving, self-paced,  relevant training in a wide variety of subjects , enabling personnel to effectively contribute to NATO missions.

Organization: NATO ACT


Requirements: You need to apply for access to ACT e-learning portal. To apply you either need:

a.  A military or governmental email address.

b.  A sponsor that can verify your application.