Estonian Defense Forces commander warns about the next phase of Russian aggression

MARTIN HEREM: Russia’s defeat in Ukraine would not put an end to the danger that lurks us.

“We have no right to underestimate Russia’s aggressiveness in the future, and there is also no reason to think that the defeat of the Russians in Ukraine would be the end of any danger lurking in wait for us.”, emphasizes the commander of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF), Lieutenant General Martin Herem, in a post published on social media.

“We naturally have to focus on Ukrainian victory right now, since this is the primary and inevitable goal on the way to securing a better future. This is, however, only the first goal. Second, we have to be prepared for Russia’s next aggression against us in Estonia, against our allies and our values. We are all waiting for the end of the war between Ukraine and Russia. It is widely believed that, in order to end the conflict, the Russian Federation must withdraw its forces from Ukrainian territory. This includes eastern Ukraine and Crimea. This is what we all desire, and hope for.” he writes.

Based on Lt Gen. Herem´s social media post (link in Estonian). Published and translated by Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR).

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The high-tech mass of Estonia and its allies is superior to our opponent's technology.
Photo: Valmar Voolaid/Estonian Defense Forces