IBM3 in Edinburgh

CIOR will hold its In Between Meeting Three (IBM3) of the UK / Estonian Presidency in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) during the period 24-27 Nov 19. The meeting will have attendance by representatives of CIOMR and CISOR)


To maintain, develop and take forward CIOR, an organisation that represents the interests of over 1.3 million reservists across 34 participating nations within and beyond NATO, by planning and instigating its activities (including meetings, seminars, symposia, competitions and sharing best practice).

To facilitate the CIOR main roles: to provide advice on Reserve issues and support to the NATO Alliance, and to foster the professional development of reserve officers.

One of the meeting rooms at the Surgeons Quarter in Edinburgh.


Attendees to IBM3 are asked to arrange travel so as to arrive no later than the evening of Sunday 24 Nov. No social function is planned for this evening. Meals will be available to order from the hotel or nearby restaurants.

The President of CIOR will hold meetings with key personnel the evening of arrival 24th November. This will be by invitation and made known by separate correspondence. There will be an IBM Delegates Reception the evening of the 25th, 1830-2030 hours at Edinburgh Castle, whilst a short walk from the IBM venue, coaches will be made available as required. A Gala Dinner will be held the evening of the 26th on board the Royal Yacht Britannia (1845-2300 hours) with transport provided.

Attendees will be free to depart after 1230hrs, 27 Nov 19.

The meetings will seek to realize outcomes in accord with Presidential Aims, Strategic Objectives and CIOR Business and Planning.

Meeting Participation.

The following attendance is sought:

CIOR Presidential Team.

Delegation VPs.

Committee Chairs. To include:

Defence Attitudes and Security Issues Committee (DefSec)

Civil/Military Co-operation Committee (CIMIC)

Partnership for Peace and Outreach Committee (PfP&O)

Legal Committee (LEGAL)

Military Competition Committee (MILCOMP)

Language Academy Committee (CLA)

Winter Seminar Committee

Young Reserve Officers Committee (YRO)

Public Affairs Committee

CIOMR Presidential Team and CIOMR members (Optional but would be very welcome) for whom a 1 day programme is being organised by UK CIOMR Delegates

CISOR Presidential Team (Optional but would be very welcome)

The full Warning Order can be found here.