German CIOR Presidency Logo

The declared goal of the two-year German presidency of  #CIOR, which officially commenced on October 2nd, is to increase and underline the resilience and visibility of the reserves. For this purpose, the Presidency has developed a modern logo and thus a distinctive “trademark”.

By: Dr.  Dennis Bürjes, Lieutenant Colonel (R) German Army/Assistant Secretary General CIOR

The designated motto “#Resilience and #Visibility of our #Reserves” as well as the German leadership is symbolically reflected therein. The German national colours are integrated in the design of the escutcheon of the @Reservistenverband der @Bundeswehr (reservist association of the German armed forces) enclosed by an implied “parachute” in the blue of #NATO.

Through the combination of the heraldic shield and “parachute”, the logo symbolically reflects the motif of “resilience”. The ring of grey spheres enclosing the “parachute” stands for the CIOR Council of member associations and its numerous committees, reflecting the holistic community structure of the organisation.

Furthermore, this arrangement in itself ought to be interpreted as a nod to the human “eye” – the universally accepted symbol for “visibility”.

Stronger together

The German presidency is firmly convinced that all national reserve organisations under the CIOR umbrella benefit most when we stand together, outline our common goals, and pursue them as one – instead of each member pursuing narrow national self-interests. Thus, we are committed to furthering this sense of togetherness and community amongst the CIOR members throughout the next two years.

The CIOR Presidency has developed a logo to symbolise German leadership, and resilience and visibility of the Reserves.