Military Competition (MILCOMP)

Military Competition

Over 250 athletes participate in CIOR’s military pentathlon each year. Established in 1957, it is an internationally recognized competition focused on military skills that truly challenge the leadership and physical robustness of reservists from across the Alliance and its Partners.

The event is organized as part of the annual Summer Congress. The host nation and the Milcomp Committee stages a Military Competition (Milcomp). Milcomp is designed to test all of the key infantry skills.

Milcomp has developed over recent years to include novice and female categories. Recently NCO’s were allowed to compete and from 2010 all ranks will be eligible for the competition. These changes were introduced to better reflect an operational environment, the Permanent Regulations may be found at this link.

CIOR Military Competition is a team competition in which each member of the team must complete the competition events together. The three-day competition consists of pistol and rifle shooting on the first day, obstacle course and utility swimming on the second day, and orienteering with additional tasks like range estimation, map reading and hand grenade throwing on the third day. Some of the highlights of the competition are detailed below.

Pistol and Rifle Shooting

The competitors fire the standard infantry weapon of the host nation at targets located 25 respectively 200 meters from the firing line. The course of fire consists of a precision fire phase at a sport-rings-target and a rapid-fire phase at 3 silhouettes. For the pistol, the rapid fire includes a change of magazines within the time.

Obstacle Course

The standardized 500 metre CISM land obstacle course consists of 20 demanding obstacles. The course requires strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. It is run in military uniform with a free choice of shoes. The teams are allowed to assist each other at the obstacles, since only the last one makes the run time. 

Utility Swimming

A 50 metre CISM water obstacle course with five demanding obstacles requires good swimming skills, strength, coordination and flexibility. Competitors wear the host nations military uniform without boots. The teams may assist each other at the obstacles.

Military Orienteering

The teams must complete a 12 to 14 km cross-country course on unknown terrain, using only a magnetic compass and various maps. The dress is combat uniform with hand weapons. This requires both, teamwork and leadership under physical stress. In addition, the teams have to perform range estimation, map reading, hand grenade throwing and additional tasks.


Military Competition Overall Results