Partnership for Peace and Outreach Committee

Partnership for Peace and Outreach Committee (PfP&O)

The CIOR PfP&O Committee is one of the oldest CIOR committees and serves as its main diplomatic arm. The committee’s charge is to explore potential new country CIOR memberships, to reinforce relationships with current member, partner and associated countries, and to enhance CIOR activities and policy concerning Partnership for Peace programs and outreach.



The mission of the PfP&O Committee is to support CIOR policy, planning and activities in order to broaden and deepen relations with membership candidates, current members and partner or associate members.

Committee Tasks

  1. Study reserve military structures of candidate, member, partner and associate countries to make recommendations on membership status/change in status, as well as to educate CIOR members about the nations’ reserve and all military associations and contacts.
  2. Propose viable candidate nations for further research and possible membership consideration in the future.
  3. Contact/engage with ministries of defence contacts or reserve associations of candidate nations with the approval by the CIOR Council.
  4. Contact/engage with current member, partner or associate nations to reinvigorate their active presence in CIOR initiatives and activities.
  5. Acquire updated information and points of contact about NATO Outreach initiatives to ensure the PfP&O Committee is aligned with overarching CIOR goals and activities.
  6. Report to the CIOR Council about all PfP&O Committee efforts, tasks, contacts and activities to ensure effective decision making, planning and guidance is provided by and given to the committee, as appropriate.
  7. Plan and execute in country seminars or workshops for partners and potential members as directed or needed. This activity is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the Alliance, as well as to gain a better understanding of the structure and organization of reserve forces and associations within the Alliance.
  8. Provide ongoing support and advice to reserve officer associations and ministries of defence on reserve integration issues.
  9. Provide advice and guidance to the CIOR Presidency concerning all issues pertaining to partner and potential countries.
  10. Plan and execute additional outreach initiatives as directed by CIOR Council.

Tools and activities

  • Country studies and research,
  • Establish relevant contacts through military, diplomatic and civilian channels,
  • As necessary, visit countries that have shown serious interest in establishing contact with CIOR,
  • Organization of outreach events, e.g. workshops, seminars etc.


Chairman: Maj. André ROOSEN (Germany)

Secretary: Col. Beth HORINE (USA)

Technical Advisor: 2nd Lt Diego LOMA-OSORIO (Spain)