Permanent Representative to NATO

Permanent Representative to NATO

CIOR is recognized by the MCC and in the structure of NATO.

CIOR is represented in the International Military Staff (IMS) in Policy and Capabilities Division (P&C Div)
by the Permanent Representative (PERMREP).

The current PERMREP is Lt.Col. Ben Jonckers (BEL).


  • Is the visual representative of the International CIOR & CIOMR Presidents in NATO HQ / IMS P&C Div in Brussels
  • Is a point of contact for the Military Representatives in the International Staff in NATO HQ
  • Is a counsellor and advisor of the presidencies of CIOR & CIOMR in NATO related reserve matters
  • Organizes the annual Mid-Winter Meeting session in NATO HQ Brussels
  • Is in charge of the CIOR office in NATO HQ in Brussels
  • Collects and keeps the archives of CIOR
  • Promotes CIOR items in the strategic policy & concepts branch in IMS

The PERMREP is visible in IMS and NATO HQ, playing a role as a point of contact for all CIOR members, associates and others to create a good relationship with all offices that support our engagement as reservist in NATO.