Symposium Working Group

Symposium Working Group (SWG)


The Symposium Working Group (SWG) was established after the 2009 Summer Congress in Sofia, as a team dedicated to the planning of the Summer Congress Symposium. Before the SWG existed, symposium planning duties rotated between two of the “think-tank” committees, detracting from their core mandates. The SWG is currently comprised of a Chair (Commander Mike Ervin – Canada) and 3-4 committee members; whose principal tasks include: the development of an annual theme guidance and proposal request communiqué; solicitation of speakers and panellists via CIOR delegates and directly; communicating timings and taskings; and ensuring that all participants are informed of their roles and support available to them. As the membership of the SWG is likely to change more frequently than for other CIOR committees, our current team will focus on documenting the planning process and timings as a legacy to subsequent SWG teams. We are also dedicated to the concept of the annual symposium being more tightly integrated with the overall goals, activities and themes of the CIOR Presidency and its associated committees, towards the development and production of high-quality deliverables to its stakeholder MOD’s, ROA’s, and NATO/NRFC interests.

Mission statement

The Symposium Working Group will provide the Summer Congress with a day-long symposium that achieves the goal of professional development, as well as providing a wealth of insights, information, and ideas for further discussion and integration into a legacy deliverable to be developed under the leadership of one of CIOR’s “think tank” committees. We will facilitate the attraction of exceptional presenters and speakers that are true experts in their fields as relates to CIOR’s annual theme which is provided to us by the CIOR Presidency and Council. We will create and sustain interest in the symposium and the value that it will bring to participants, by means of our marketing activities towards CIOR delegates, regional ROA members, and the media. We will collaborate with the host nation to provide symposium facilities that will enhance the experience and outcomes for presenter and audience member alike. We will provide exceptional communications and coordination, to ensure that accurate, relevant and comprehensive information is provided to all of the key participants and stakeholders.