Young Reserve Officer Seminar in Finland

The Young Reserve Officer Seminar this year took place in Finland, near Helsinki. Some 40 young reserve officers from eleven countries attended the three day event and took part in practical and theory on cross-cultural leadership and related topics.

Led by the YROW (Young Reserve Officer Workshop)  Committee, the event has developed into a great introduction to the Young Officer programme of CIOR (Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers).

Hybrid warfare was another current topic, alongside a lecture on participation in international operations. The NATO Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (a.k.a. Hybrid CoE) supported the seminar.

Swiss instructors were responsible for the daytime activities, whilst the Finnish hosts were responsible for the evening programme.

The case task “The swamp”. All participants need to cross without getting their feet wet. One team mate is blind, another one is deaf, and the precious timber logs need to be brought back to camp.

Some 40 Young Reserve Officers from eleven countries attended the three day event near Helsinki, Finland.