Young Reserve Officers Committee

Young Reserve Officers Committee (YRO)

The YRO Committee is tasked with conducting a variety of professional development activities for junior reserve officers.

In accordance with CIOR constitution, YRO Committee’s mission is to deliver three junior reserve officer professional development activities including YRO Outreach Seminar, YRO Workshop, and Experienced Reserve Officer Platform. The implementation of these activities involves the careful planning of, execution, and post-activity assessment. They are designed as unique educational opportunities for junior reserve officers up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) or below.

YRO Workshop

This week-long workshop is designed to be a junior reserve officer’s first exposure to a multi-national environment and to colleagues from NATO and PfP nations. It constitutes a unique professional development opportunity for approximately 60 junior reserve officers annually. Junior reserve officers up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) or below work together for a week in an intense international setting. They gain the opportunity to learn about and discuss current defense issues of relevance to NATO and the reserve forces.


YRO Outreach Seminar

YRO Outreach Seminar is a professional development activity conducted annually each spring. This program aims to provide an initial exposure to YRO activities within the CIOR context. It assists with the integration of junior reserve officers from emerging NATO/PfP nations into the YRO Workshop and CIOR.


YRO Committee members & observers

The committee is a Non-Universal Access Committee (NUAC) as defined in the CIOR constitution. It has a permanent membership of 5 individuals, supported by observers. Committee members serve 2 year terms and are approved by CIOR Council. Observers are appointed by their national CIOR delegations.


YRO Committee has become firmly established within CIOR as a professional development opportunity for junior reserve officers up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) or below.

The first activity that the committee has conducted was the YRO Workshop that today is recognized and well received by NRFC as a product that CIOR excels at delivering.

Recognizing the success of YRO Workshops, an initiative was established to provide an outreach program for CIOR, addressing junior reserve officers of emerging NATO member states and PfP nations. This initiative has resulted in the YRO Outreach Seminar, which has been held with success annually starting in the early 2000s. Host nations were Albania, FYROM, Czech Republic and Latvia.

The YRO Committee has identified a need to foster and maintain an active professional relationship with junior reserve officers who have passed through the YRO Workshop program and wish to further their professional development through CIOR. As such, a proposal for establishing an Experienced Reserve Officers Program for continued professional development is under development.


How to participate in YRO activities

YRO Committee welcomes both returning and first-time participants to all YRO activities. Participation is facilitated through member nation’s CIOR delegations. Junior reserve officers interested in joining the ranks of CIOR YRO are requested to contact their national Reserve Force Association. If you are unsure whom to contact, please get in touch with YRO Committee.



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