Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW)

Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW)

YRO Workshop is a professional development program conducted concurrently with the annual CIOR Summer Congress.

This week-long workshop is designed to be a junior reserve officer’s first exposure to a multi-national environment and to colleagues from NATO and PfP nations. It constitutes a unique professional development opportunity for approximately 60 junior reserve officers annually.

Junior reserve officers up to the rank of Captain (Army/Air Force) or Lieutenant (Navy) or below work together for a week in an intense international setting. They gain the opportunity to learn about and discuss current defense issues of relevance to NATO and the reserve forces.

The principal benefits – both for participating junior officers as well as for CIOR member nations – are:

  • Enhancing joint and combined interoperability and professional development, strengthening ties among Alliance countries through personal exchanges between junior reserve officers.
  • Preparing junior reserve officers for positions of higher responsibility within their national reserve forces.
  • Learning compromise and diplomacy.
  • Gaining an understanding of the spectrum of global geopolitical tensions, interactions, national perceptions and relationships in an international environment.
  • Exploring the relevance of reserve employment, terms of service and employment in operations, as well as the various roles, missions and doctrines of reserve forces throughout the Alliance.
  • Allowing junior reserve officers to work and debate in a structured environment in order to better understand and appreciate the diversity of their colleagues’ civilian and military processes, traditions and values.
  • Providing an opportunity for junior reserve officers of NATO and NATO partner nations to gain a unique experience and individual perspective of multi-national and inter allied reserve forces in a structured environment.

Participants also attend CIOR’s one-day Summer Symposium at the Summer Congress.

YRO Workshop is an enriching experience for junior reserve officers, who are the very future of the Alliance. It is designed to provide an individual opportunity to establish professional relationships that often last throughout their careers and to offer a strong foundation on which to build their NATO experiences.

To archive the aforementioned goals, YRO Workshop will offer the following activities:

  • Introduction to NATO, CIOR; CIOMR;
  • Presentations by guest speakers from NATO and related international organizations;
  • Collaborative work and/or role play on a proposed YROW theme;
  • Participation in Symposium group panels;
  • Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) training and exam;
  • Local visits and cultural activities;
  • Award of YRO Workshop and NATO certificates.