YROW brings young reserve officers together

The Young Reserve Officer Workshop (YROW) is a platform for younger officers to gain knowledge and to build mutual understanding between reserve officers from different NATO and partner nations. Reserve officers usually the age 30 or younger come together every CIOR summer congress to work through different topics and seminars. The workshop takes place during the Summer Congress of CIOR each year.

Topics that the young reserve officers will face throughout their career are explored and debated during the workshop, for example the Law on armed conflict, cultural differences and information warfare.

Among the speakers at this year’s workshop was Lieutenant Colonel (R) K.M. Kjoeller, Danish Army, who gave YROW a lecture on how to tackle information in a rapidly changing news- and social media environment from a military point of view.

Photos by 1st Lt. Susanna Takamaa, Finnish Reserve Officer Association/ CIOR Public Affairs