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CIOR/ CIOMR/ CISOR summer congress is getting closer

LCDR Ingrid Mühling, STRATCOM Committee 12.06.2024
The first event – CIOR language academy – will start on  July 15th and end on July 26th. This year´s courses will take place in Tallinn, at Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. During eleven day students will improve their Engish and French skill and get tested.
CIMIC exercise will take place from 27th July to 29th July at the same venue. This year CIMEX participants will visit European Union´s most eastern city Narva which is situated on Estonian Russian border and get overview of it´s challenges and problems.
Participants of Military Competition will start training for competition on Sunday 28th to be prepared for competition held  on 30th July to 1st August.
CIOR congress will start on 29th July with opening ceremony that will be held at Tallinn´s Freedom Square and last until 2nd August. The week will be full meetings between CIOR council and committees. August 1st is a symposium day. This year´s symposium is dedicated to mobiisation of reserves and initial stage of war. Detailed programme will be published soon.
Young reserve officers will go through five day professional developent programme about military and reserve issues. There is a separate seminar for junior medical reserve officers focusing on reserve´s issues and professional development.

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