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The CIOR Language Academy teaches English and French as a second language, emphasizing a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation to CIOR.

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The CIOR Language Academy (CLA) teaches English and French as a second language, emphasizing a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation to CIOR. The instructors, qualified reserve officers as well as skilled linguists and teachers, are provided by CIOR member nations and are selected through a competitive process.

CLA Students

CLA is open to Reserve Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers below 60 years of age, or with residual service remaining.  Active Duty / Regular Officers and Senior NCOs are also welcome as a second priority.  Civilians with military affiliations may also apply and will be considered on a case by case basis. The course is not suitable for beginners.  All applicants should consider attendance at the academy as a progression tool in their military career.
The students are NATO reserve officers and active duty officers from the democracies of Europe, America and Canada. Through the Language Academy, they are provided an essential and indispensable tool to carry out international NATO business: 

the ability to communicate in one of NATO’s two official languages.

The summer academy runs annually for two weeks in a different host nation. Previous hosts have included Estonia, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Turkey and The Republic of North Macedonia. Students on both the English course (EFL) and French course (FFL) have the opportunity to sit the STANAG language examination run by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at level 2 and 3. This language qualification is required for careers and deployments within NATO and is much sought after.

Established in 2000

The CLA was a CIOR initiative in support of the Partnership for Peace programme and to date has taught more than 400 officers from across 27 nations. In 2008 the first examinations were introduced to the FFL course, with EFL examinations following in 2010.
In 2017 the CLA was re-developed to address the needs of the modern-day military. Links have become established with the NRFC and SHAPE in Brussels as well as Westpoint USA and the Paris Staff Officer College. In 2018 a record number of 130 students applied for the 100 spaces. In 2019 the academy developed a new social programme and set out new criteria to encourage diversity in the student population. Since 2018 four students on the FFL course have been accepted on the Staff Officer Course in Paris.

Mobile Training Team (MTT)

CLA in cooperation with NATO IMS launched in 2021 Mobile Training Team (MTT) project as an additional strand of linguistic training, meaning teaching operational and/or military terminology through the medium of the two NATO working languages. To that end, it is similar to the CLA, but run in a specific country as directed by the IMS, focussing on students from the host country. To date there have been 4 x MTTs delivered in North Africa. The countries involved, namely Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco twice, are members of the Mediterranean Dialogue.


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CIOR/ CIOMR/ CISOR summer congress is getting closer

CIOR/ CIOMR/ CISOR summer congress together with CIOR Language Academy and CIMIC Exercise will commence already in one a half months.

The CLA is back for 2024

New course will run Mon 15 - Fri 26 July 2024 in Estonia.

89 students learned English and French at CIOR language academy

CIOR Language Academy 2023 in Shrivenham, UK 

2023 CLA announced - CLA is back!

CIOR Language Academy Summer 2023 in Defence Academy of UK

CLA rocks!

Yet another successful CIOR Language Academy (CLA) has been completed, teaching English and French as a second language, emphasising a NATO military lexicon while at the same time providing an orientation towards CIOR. By: Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col (R), Norwegian Army/...



NATO PWP Funding program for PFP countries

According to the basic principle in NATO’s Outreach Funding Policy, assistance to Partners is based on the Gross National Income (GNI) of the Partner Nation. Partner Nations with a GNI higher than 13,550 USD are NOT eligible for subsidization. The level of subsidization for Partner Nations with a GNI between 10,000 and 13,550 USD is 80%. The level of subsidization for the other Partner Nations is 100%

NATO PWP Funding program for MD countries

Please note that without mentioning the level of financial assistance needed, it would be defaulted to 80% as it is set out in NATO’s Outreach Funding Policy. According to the basic principle in NATO’s Outreach Funding Policy, assistance to Partners should not exceed 80% of the estimated combined total costs for Partner participation in various activities.

Apply as Participant

Apply to participate 

You must be approved by your national organization before completing the application.

This is not registration

NB! filling and submitting the form itself does not mean registration for the activity. You must be approved by the CLA Committee.

Apply as staff

Utilize your experience 

Enhance the collective security and pass down your knowledge to the next generation.

CIOR is always looking for qualified and experienced speakers, instructors, and teachers for our events.

Apply if you:

  • Speak fluently in English or French (native English or French speaker prefered)
  • Have experience in teaching English or French as foreign or second language.


Support professional development

CIOR is encouraging capable donors to provide for scholarships to the participants of our activities.

CIOR is supporting the training of reserve leaders, and collecting and sharing best practices, especially developing skillsets.
CIOR has 8 activities with partisipants from 34 different countries.

Funds may be donated to:

  • Support participants from a particular Nation
  • Support a particular individual
  • Support a particular activity 
  • Support CIOR in general
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