3-day table-top exercise with the aim of providing the participants skills to act as a CIMIC Officer as part of a NATO tabletop exercise simulating NATO HQ or on formal deployment; build awareness of the role of the CIMIC Officer in Civil Preparedness (Civil Emergency Planning) and how it is implemented across NATO.

About activity

Since 2012

CIOR has run CIMIC desktop exercises and developed CIMIC officers across CIOR and CIOMR membership. Scenarios such as severe flooding, mass migration and cyber-attacks have all been run with increasing sophistication and specialist input to both train and develop CIMIC expertise within member nations.

Run over 3-4 days the scenarios are detailed and provide for multinational input whilst being umpired and taught by recognised CIMIC experts. Former Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries in particular have benefitted from the opportunities and recognise the value of these CIOR organised events. 

CIMEX enables Reserve Officers to share experiences and best practices in Civil-Military Cooperation including in: Humanitarian Aid Missions; Aid to Civil Authorities; Aid to Civil Communities; Civil Affairs and Civil Emergency Planning.

The overriding principles of CIMEX are

  • Demonstrating civil-military liaison skills
  • Collaboration and Information-sharing on emerging NATO challenges
  • Promoting best practices and professional development within in the CIMIC community
The exercise is tailored for approximately 50 participants each year.

CIMIC is a Reservist’s Job

Reservists value as a CIMIC officer is knowing how to work with people in the civil environment. Reservists have extensive civil life conections and a large database with valuable contacts in adition to the military know how and the battlefield expiriance. CIMEX helps to widen that the network even further and form international relationships between CIMIC officers. Practises and approaches are different country by country and for mission or defence oriented CIMIC.


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Major Andre Lilleleht received a high national award

On February 21st president of Estonia, Mr. Alar Karis awarded the Order of the Cross of the Eagle IV class to Major Andre Lilleleht, Secretary General of CIOR.

Time to sign up for CIMEX!

One of the key events during the CIOR Summer Congress is the Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Exercise, CIMEX. This year’s edition takes place between Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July, at the InterContinental Athenaeum hotel in Athens. By: Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col...

CIMEX 2021 only a week away!

The announcement of the CIOR Summer Congress also signals the coming of the annual CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) exercise, CIMEX. This year’s theme should be particularly interesting and highly relevant, so hurry and sign up, says CIMIC Chair, Major Zoe Stewart...

CIMEX started in Tallinn: Sixteen online participants

There’s another first for CIOR, as the 2020 CIOR CIMEX (civil-military cooperation exercise) has 16 online participants from North America and Europe along with 18 in Tallinn. A distinguished panel of speakers are due over the three days, discussing a variety of...

CIOR CIMEX 2017 – Forging greater CIMIC Resilience in Prague

CIOR CIMEX 2017Forging greater CIMIC Resilience in Prague The international Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve (CIOR), of which South Africa is a part, includes a Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Committee. This committee successfully executed its...

7th annual CIMEX – The Migration Crisis

7th annual CIMEX - The Migration Crisis Reservists, being twice the citizen, with one foot in the civilian world and the other in the military, are ideally suited to carry out the Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) role for NATO. The upcoming CIMIC Exercise (CIMEX)...


Conditions for applying for the scholarship

The participant who has met the individual nations criteria and picked by their reserve assosiation, will have priority for scholarship award, unless the student is the beneficiary of a specifically designated Individual scholarship in which case it will normally be awarded.
Scholarships will not be awarded to participants in active duty.


Support professional development

CIOR is encouraging capable donors to provide for scholarships to the participants of our activities.

CIOR is supporting the training of reserve leaders, and collecting and sharing best practices, especially developing skillsets.
CIOR has 8 activities with partisipants from 34 different countries.

Funds may be donated to:

  • Support participants from a particular Nation
  • Support a particular individual
  • Support a particular activity 
  • Support CIOR in general
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