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Time to sign up for CIMEX!

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col (R), Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs. 06.07.2022

One of the key events during the CIOR Summer Congress is the Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Exercise, CIMEX. This year’s edition takes place between Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July, at the InterContinental Athenaeum hotel in Athens.

By: Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col (R), Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs

Built on last year’s huge success when the exercise was organised solely with digital attendance, the 2022-edition will be a hybrid version with both face-to-face and virtual participation.

This year’s theme is: “How do CIMIC reservists support resilience in the immediate response to conflict, and stabilisation after the conflict?”

How to sign up

For those interested in attending in person, follow this link to sign up and pay the attendance fee:
For those interested in attending online, contact organiser Major (R) Zoe Stewart, UK Army, on

The objectives:

• Provide an opportunity to build awareness of the
role of the CIMIC Officer in Civil Preparedness (Civil
Emergency Planning)

• Provide an opportunity to act as a CIMIC Officer as
part of a NATO table top exercise simulating NATO

• Provide an opportunity to understand how Civil
Preparedness is implemented across NATO

• Build awareness of the skills required to be a good
CIMIC Officer

The event takes place over 2 1/2 days, and is a NATO approbated, table top exercise.

NATO’s Article 3

NATO’s article 3 on civil preparedness will be applied. The governing principles are: health, government, energy supplies, food and water, communications and transport.

There will be presentations from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), an introduction to NATO doctrine, case studies, and of course the exercise – which evolves around challenges working in multinational headquarters.

Both ‘technical’ CIMIC skills and cultural experience are important in this line of military work.
Photo: Norwegian soldiers in the Telemark Task Force on a CIMIC mission in Kabul, 2004.

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