Interallied  Confederation
of  Reserve Officers

Confédération   Interalliée
des  Officiers de Réserve

World’s largest and oldest military reserve officer organization committed to advise and support NATO on Reserve matters, promote Reserve Service and foster professional development of reserve Officers.


Provide advice on Reserve issues to the NATO Military Committee

CIOR is a voice for reserve issues to the NATO Alliance and provides advice on the best utilization of reserve forces in a variety of operational settings, in addition to studying and promoting harmonization in the roles, duties and rights of reservists in Allied nations.

Promote the role and importance of reserves in NATO and National level

CIOR raises awareness of contemporary reserve issues by bringing its collective expertise to promote and enhance cooperation and interoperability amongst reserve forces within the Alliance and its partners.

Foster the professional development of reserve Officers

CIOR is an organization committed to professional development, and provides a variety of high-caliber and cost-effective programs that benefit individual Reservists, their member nations, and NATO as a whole.


Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers

Founded in 1948 by the reserve officer associations of Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Commonly referred to by its French acronym CIOR (Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve) is a formal NATO-affiliated, non-political and non-profit umbrella organization of member nations’ National Reserve Associations.
CIOR represents the interests of 1.3 million reservists across 34 participating nations within and beyond NATO, making it the world’s largest military reserve officers organization. 

CIOR is structured around a constitution that provides for a rotating Presidency; Executive Council; key Committees and several annual events that promote training, education and professional development.



Founded in



1.3 mln




Military Competition

3-day competition designed to test all of the key infantry skills - shooting, obstacle course, utility swimming and orienteering with additional tasks like range estimation, map reading and hand grenade throwing.

Young Reserve Officers Programme

YRO seminar and YRO workshop are designed to be a junior Reserve Officer’s first exposure to a multinational environment of NATO and to increase awareness of Alliance security issues.

Civil-Military Cooperation Exercise

3-day table-top Civil-Military Cooperation Exercise demonstrating Civil-Military liaison skills, collaboration and information sharing on emerging NATO challenges and promoting best practices and professional development.

Cior Language Academy

Intensive, 2-week course that teaches English and French as a second language with STANAG testing at the end of the course.

International Cyber Event

Event which provides a secure and safe environment to share experiences and information regarding military and civilian cyber, in order to facilitate cybersecurity support to NATO members during cyber operations.

CIOR Symposium

1-day symposium on Reserve issues with speakers at the highest political, military, and academic levels. The speakers address issues such as mobilization and Reserve readiness, demobilization and repatriation of Reservists to their home countries and civilian jobs and appropriate utilization of civilian specialists for peace support operations.

CIOR Winter Seminar

3-day academic conference that serves as a platform for current geopolitical issues with a specific emphasis on the relevance of Reservists.


CIOR represents 34 participating nations

CIOR has 28 member and 6 associate countries which are represented by their National Reserve Officers Associations.

Only NATO member countries can be CIOR members, however, other countries can be associates.
Every CIOR member country is represented by one organisation which must be endorsed by the country’s MoD with confirmation that this is the sole organisation representing all their Reserves.


This years CIOR Seminar theme is "Strengthening relations between military and economy"

CIOR Seminar 2024 will take place at Theodor-Heuss-Akademie from 28 to 30 January

Safety Deed of the year awarded to the Finnish Reserve Officers Federation for the CIOR Summer Congress 2023

CIOR biggest annual event: Summer Congress took place in Helsingi from 25 to 30 June 2023. 

CIOR President met with NATO Secretary General and Chairman of Military Committee

A CIOR delegation spearheaded by the President LTC Toomas Luman had an office call with the NATO Secretary General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg and Chair of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer in NATO HQ on November 14th to present the CIOR 75th Anniversary Medal. 

CIOR meeting in Stockholm focused on co-operation and expertise

CIOR´s autumn in between meeting (IBM) took place in Stockholm from 9th to 11th November and was hosted by Swedish reserve officers. 

Second CIOR International Cyber Event (ICE)

The second CIOR International Cyber Event (ICE) wil be conducted online on Saturday the 28th of October 2023.

CIOR Assistant Secretary General introduced CIOR in NATO School Oberammergau (DEU)

CIOR Assistant Secretary General Lieutenant Mari Uuemaa introduced CIOR at the annual “NATO Senior Reserve Officers Course (SROC)” on September 18th at NATO School Oberammergau. A key component of this course is providing insights into the entities dedicated to reservist issues, with CIOR being one of them. Typically, the CIOR Secretary General is responsible for delivering an introductory lecture and giving overview on CIOR's mission and activities.