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CIOR´s president invited Ukrainian reserve officers to join CIOR

LCDR Ingrid Mühing 26.01.2024
“We talked about developments in the strategy for Ukraine’s victory, the current state of the million rounds of ammunition initiative and Ukraine’s needs in regards to assistance,” Minister Pevkur said. „Estonia has decided to join Operation Interflex, in which instructors from our own Defence Forces will soon be training Ukrainian soldiers in the United Kingdom,“ he added.

Lieutenant Colonel Luman gave overview about CIOR´s aims and activities to Minister Umerov and outlined importance of reserves in Ukrainian victory. He invited Ukrainian reserve officers to participate in CIOR events this year and join CIOR with their new organisation.   

Ukrainian Association of Reserve Officers and Veterans (UAROV) is a newly established organisation  with aim of strengthening the security of Ukraine and countering Russian aggression. Retired veterans and foreign instructors provide basic training for reservist. This year Ukrainian reservists are planning to take part of CIOR´s events including the Summer Congress, Language Academy, CIMIC Exercise, Military Competition and Young Reserve Officers Symposium.  

Support to Ukraine and engaging Ukrainian reserve officers into CIOR´s co-operation network is one of Estonian Presidency´s strategic aims.  Estonian Reserve Officers´Association has together with Estonian Chamber of Commerce raised over 4 million euros to support Ukraine. Among articles provided to Ukrainian Forces are 44 500 tactical first aid kits, 15 ambulances, night vision devices, generators, cold weather gear any many other items.  Ukrainian reservists will take part CIOR congress this summer and are planning to join CIOR in near future.

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Following the Military Committee in Permanent Session on 25 Jan 24, it was agreed that IMS Policy & Capabilities (P&C) Division would initiate a project to revitalise the Alliance approach to Reserve and Reserve Forces. Initially, this will take the form of reinstating the NATO Policy on Reserves including a review of current MC documents related to affiliated Reserve organisations.

IBM in Tallinn ended with visit to exercise Spring Storm

CIOR´s In Between Meeting last week ended with visit to Estonia´s largest annual exercise Spring Storm. Reserve officers from 12 countries received an overview on exercise and met reservists taking part of it.

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CIOR´s next In Between Meeting (IBM) will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from 9 to 11th May.

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CIOR President met with the Defence minister of Ukraine, Mr. Rustem Umerov, 22 March to discuss possible steps for Ukraine to become an associate member of CIOR.

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Speech to NATO Reserve Officers At the Interallied Confederation of Allied Officers Mid-Winter Meeting 1 February 2024 NATO HQ, Brussels

Ladies and Gentlemen, officers.

It’s an honor to be invited to speak here today in front of the men and women who understand what collective defense means and the importance of the alliance that has maintained the peace in Europe for 75 years. This is especially true in 2024 when many have doubts about the future of the alliance and at a time when Europe faces a greater threat to its security since the darkest days of the Cold War. Even then, when I was at Radio Free Europe in Munich Germany and when massive NATO exercises were just part of living in Europe, we did not have an ongoing massive invasion and war on the continent. Nor did we hear threats to invade, bomb and otherwise attack Europe.

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