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Summer Congress in Helsinki in the making

Susanna Takamaa, 1st LT, Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation/ CIOR Public Affairs 04.04.2023

The 4th of April 2023 marks an important date by being the day when Finland becomes a NATO member. At the same time the preparations for the annual summer congress of NATO’s reserve officers’ organization CIOR are on their way and as many as five hundred reserve officers from different parts of the world are expected in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in the last week of June. This will be the first time he summer congress arrives in Finland.

The week-long congress includes not only CIOR council meetings, but also YROW, a workshop aimed at young reserve officers, military competition MILCOMP, and a Symposium on current topics. During the summer congress, the council and committees work in the center of Helsinki in the congress center Paasitorni, but the military island of Santahamina is also buzzing when more than a hundred international competitors arrive to compete for their skills on the military obstacle course, shooting, orienteering and obstacle swimming.

In terms of the success of the summer congress, however, the Finnish volunteers, who have been recruited using the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation’s channels, play an important role.

– We have many activities in June in Helsinki, where skilled people play a significant role, says CIOR’s summer congress project manager, 1st lieutenant (res) Rimma Ahonen.

-Luckily we have very capable people here in Finland, that have either worked with the preparations of this congress for longer already, or who will join the effords during the summer congress week.

Ahonen also points out the significant amount of cooperation that has taken place between Finland and Estonia on planning and preparing for the congress. From this day on the cooperation continues also as a two NATO countries.

The official Summer congress 2023 website can be found here with all the necessary information on registration, accommodations and schedules.

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