75th Anniversary Coin and Book out for order now

Susanna Takamaa, Mari Uuemaa 22.06.2023
The CIOR Summer Congress 2023 will take place in Helsinki next week gathering hundreds of reserve officers to the capital of Finland, the newest of the NATO member countries. Amongst collecting new memories, you can buy tangible memorabilia in a shape of an Anniversary Coin. The coin is made in honor of the CIOR’s 75th anniversary and is a nice souvenir for yourself, but also a great gift for friends and associates. The CIOR 75th Anniversary Coin is 3D with a diameter of 50 mm, .925 silver plated and oxidised. Coin comes in a blue velvet box.

You can order your coin from Fienta, link here:

When interested in the history and activities of CIOR  then the CIOR 75th Anniversary Book is a great addition to your bookshelf or as a gift. This publication gives a handrail to how CIOR operates, it’s partners and also lists memories and events from the last 25 years as well as detailing the member and associate member countries. The 75th Anniversary of The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) is rightly recorded in a formal book as were the 25th and 50th events.

You can order your coin from Fienta, link here:

The Anniversary Coin and Book are limited editions, so make sure you have yours. All purchased coins and books can be collected during the CIOR Summer Congress in Helsinki from the info stand of Paasitorni Congress Center.


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