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CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting was dedicated to changes in CIOR organization and war in Ukraine

Lt Cdr Ingrid Mühling, Estonian Navy/CIOR Stratcom Committee 08.02.2023


By: Lt Cdr Ingrid Mühling, Estonian Navy/CIOR Stratcom Committee

CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting  held in NATO HQ Brussels last week was dedicated to changes of CIOR organization and war in Ukraine. Altogether 21 nations took part of the three-day meeting full of discussions in Council and in committees.

CIOR Council approved several decisions which will shape CIOR´s activities during next few years. The Council decided to change one of the Bylaws that regulates CIOR structure and tasks of commitees as well as ratified guidelines and documents necessary for the governance of the organization including the budget.

The Council decided to merge Stratcom, Seminar and Symposium Committees to increase their efficiency and quality. „Our aim is to improve interaction between functions, increase synergy and efficiency,“ lieutenant colonel Toomas Luman, president of CIOR said. „We should use our human and  other resources in most effective way and use the knowledge and experience of every committee and council member“.  Stratcom, Seminar and Symposium Committees will start discussions about merging process in near future.

MWM23 Council voting

The Council also decide that Denmark will take over CIOR presidency for 2026-2028 with lieutenant colonel Lars Bak as the President of CIOR and captain Troels Astrup as the Secretary General.

CIOR Seminar

CIOR seminar was dedicated to Russia´s aggression against Ukraine. Key note speakers –  MEP general Riho Terras and security expert Mr. Edward Lucas shared their thoughts about Russia´s imperial ambitions and Western countries role in stopping the war in Ukraine. NATO´s Deputy Secretary General Mr. Mircea Geoană gave opening speech, chair of NRFC – brigadier general Charlotte  Wetcher, president of CIOR – lieutenant colonel Toomas Luman, president of CIOMR – lieutenant colonel Johan Munch and president of CISOR – first sergeant Reinhard Knott greeted participants. Experts from Denmark, UK and Estonia shared their knowledge on the role of reserves in ongoing war in Ukraine.

Young Reserve Officers Committee prepared for YRO Seminar which will be held in Prague in March, CIMIC Committee prepared for CIMEX that will be held from 24-27th June in Helsinki and MILCOMP Committee prepared for the annual CIOR military competition held in Helsingi during CIOR Summer Congress.

Young Reserve Officers Committee

CIOR will meet next time at IBM which will be held in Estonia in May.


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