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CIOR´s next IBM in Tallinn almost here

LCDR Ingrid Mühling, STRATCOM Committee 16.04.2024
CIOR´s next In Between Meeting (IBM) will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from 9 to 11th May.

During this IBM the council will get an overview of NATO´s Reserve Policy´s Tiger teams and CIOR´s contribution to their work, CIOR sponsorship and stipendium criteria and  last fiscal year´s audit results.

Committees will also present their reports and discuss about future events, especially the Summer Congress and transfer of CIOR chairmanship to Nordic Presidency.

Traditionally, participants of the IBM will visit Estonia´s largest annual military exercise Spring Storm, where reservists and conscripts train alongside active troops and allied forces. This year Spring Storm is part of Steadfast Defender exercise series.

This is the last IBM Estonia will oganise before transferring the presidency to nordic reserve officers´organisations. Estonian Reserve Officers´ Association was a co-chair during UK´s presidency from 2018-2020 and has held the presidency of CIOR since 2022.

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