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Estonian Reserve Officers dedicated monument to Lt.Gen. Johannes Kert

LCDR Ingrid Mühloing, STRATCOM Committee 24.08.2023
Estonian Reserve Officers Association (EROA) opened the monument to Lieutenant General Johannes Kert - former Chief of Defence from 1996-2000 - on August 22nd.
„General Kert was a visionnaire, great supporter of reserves and their internatinal co-operation. He understood that a small nation can rely only on strong reserve force and strong relations with allies,“ Major Andre Lilleleht, CIOR Secretary General said.

Lt.Gen. Kert was one of the first officers in newly established Estonian Army who started his career as a battalion commander and was promoted quickly to more senior positions. He served as a Chief of Defence League, Chief of Defence and Military Representative of Estonia in NATO. After his retirement from army he was a elected to Estonian Parliament and was also strategic advisor to CIOR president from 2018-2020.

Lt. Gen. Kert supported reserve officers´movement and helped to establish EROA on 1997. While serving as a Military Representative of Estonia, he promoted the idea to set up  NATO´s Cyber Defence Center in Tallinn. This was warmly received and since 2008  the center is providing experise and training on cyber defence to all allied and partner nations.

General Martin Herem - CHOD of  Estonia, Mr. Hanno Pevkur - Minister of Defence, and Maj. Gen. Riho Ühtegi from voluntary defence organisation Defence League were present at the opening.

EROA members collected 60 000 euros  for the monument by private contributions. The statue was made by artist Aivar Simson. It is situated near Kuperjanov Battalion, Võru,  where General Kert was the first battalion commander in early nineties.

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