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Estonia's Victory Day celebrations in Estonia – Russia boarder town Narva.

Lt Mari Uuemaa, CIOR ASG org 23.06.2024

Today is Estonia's Victory Day. It marks the victory of Estonia and neighboring Latvia in the Battle of Cēsis against the Baltische Landeswehr on June 23, 1919. The battle was part of the 1918–1920 Estonian Liberation War of Independence, in which the new Estonian government fought the Soviet Union's Red Army and the Baltische LandeswehrLiberation War was won and Estonias independence secured.

Narva is a town on the west bank of the Narva river, which forms the Estonia–Russia international border. It is also the boarder of NATO.

Victory Day parade is organised by the volunteer defence organisation Estonian Defense League (Kaitseliit) and the majority of the parade participants are reservists and volunteers from Estonian Defense League, Territorial Defense and other reserve units.

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Colour guard formed from reserve officers from Estonian Reserve Offisers Acossiation. 
(Photo: Sergei Stepanov/ERR)

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