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Ukraine: Estonian reserve officers raise € 1 154 564

Lieutenant Commander Ingrid Mühling, Estonian Defence Forces/CIOR Public Affairs 28.02.2022

**** UPDATE: As of 11th of March, € 1 154 564 euros have been raised ****

Estonian reserve officers have raised over 700 000 euros to support wounded Ukrainian soldiers and help them get medical care. 

By: Lieutenant Commander Ingrid Mühling, Estonian Defence Forces/CIOR Public Affairs

The Estonian Reserve Officer Association (EROA) together with Estonia´s oldest private defence initiative, the National Defence Foundation, have raised over 700 000 euros to support Ukrainian soldiers. The money will go towards medical treatment and cures for the wounded, in European hospitals.

– Immediate medical care is crucial to help injured Ukrainian service members and civilians who have suffered from Russian attacks, said Captain Villu Õun, Chairman of EROA.

– Raised funds can help cover hospital costs, but also expenses for prostheses or psychological care if needed. It will help  relieve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, he added.

EROA acts as a point of contact for those business leaders who want to support Ukraine and fight the aggressor. Priit Uuemaa from Corle OÜ sent four tons of fuel, helmets, fragmentation vests and medical kits to the Ukrainian army.

– It´s better to support Ukrainians today, than fight the enemy at home tomorrow, Uuemaa argued.

Besides medical help, EROA supports procurement and delivery of emergency medical vehicles to Ukraine. Altogether ten emergency vehicles have been sent to Ukraine already. This project was initiated by Estonian Rotary Clubs and supported by various other organisations, including EROA.

There are a number of initiatives to support Ukraine in Estonia: Veterans of the National defence force help to bring Ukrainian refugees to Estonia. They volunteered to accompany refugees during transportation to Estonia, help to solve their problems and identify those who need immediate medical or psychological help.

Estonian reserve officers have vowed to continue fundraising to support Ukraine and facilitate contacts with Ukrainian forces and those who want to help.

Besides medical help, EROA supports procurement and delivery of emergency medical vehicles to Ukraine – like this ambulance.



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