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Romania organized a virtual workshop “Identified Lessons from the Ukrainian Conflict”

Romanian Reserve Officers Association public affair officer 05.05.2023
On 23 March 2023, the Centre for Defense and Security Strategic Studies (CDSSS) from the National Defence University "Carol I" (ROU NDU) organized, together with the Romanian Reserve Officers Association, a virtual Workshop aimed at analysing the first year of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as well as  presenting the most appropriate lessons identified for both the North Atlantic Alliance and the Romanian Armed Forces. The Workshop was led by the director of the Center and moderated by Col. Dr. Dan-Lucian Petrescu.

This important scientific event was online attended by 33 participants from ROU NDU, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Special Telecommunications Service, the Defence Staff, the European Institute of Romania, ROU AORR, as well as representatives from Services HQs and some "Think-Tank" associations.

Based on the Partnership and scientific cooperation agreement signed by ROU AORR with NDU "Carol I", experts from our Association were invited to participate in this scientific event of great theoretical and practical relevance. We honored the invitation through three representatives, who brought to the attention of the Workshop participants possible scenarios for the development of the current conflict in Ukraine, respectively what represented conventional and hybrid in this conflict and what could be some lessons identified so far.

Thus, col. (r.) Dr. Mihai Radu and Mrs. Adriana Brumaru presented the topic of "Possible Scenarios of the War in Ukraine", an opportunity to present a scientific approach to how the situation in Ukraine could evolve this year and even in the near future, with possible repercussions on national and regional security at the European Eastern border. Col. (r) CS III Dr. Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, in his double position as researcher within the Center and Vice-president of the Association, drew the attention of the auditor through a toic that represents the quintessence of this year's individual study, entitled “Conventional and Hybrid in the First Year of the Russian Federation's War Against Ukraine. Conclusions and lessons identified from the war", currently being under printing at the NDU Publishing House "Carol I". The contribution of the ROU AORR was completed by the timely and to-the-point interventions of the participants, especially on the practical aspects regarding the way to implement, at the level of the Romanian Armed Forces, these identified lessons and those that follow, especially for establishing priorities in achieving national resilience through real training of the population, territory and economy for the war and those regarding the building-up of a Reserve/Territorial Force, as an enabler of the active forces, as well as the adequate training of reservists, including volunteer reserve.

We appreciate the constant concern that ROU NDU and CDSSS have for the improvement of research in the field of military sciences, we congratulate our colleagues for their contribution to the event and we continue our interest and openness to participate in similar events, aimed at helping to clarify some theoretical and practical aspects that it is aimed at national security and defense.


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