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Roy Thorvaldsen, Lieutenant Colonel (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs. 07.08.2019

CIOR Medal of Merit to Rear Admiral Berggrav

Rear Admiral (Retd.) Jørgen Berggrav, Secretary General of the Norwegian Reserve Officer Association and Assistant Secretary General to CIOR, was today awarded the CIOR Medal of Merit. The presentation was made by Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Sir...

CIOR Public Affairs 04.08.2019

– No better location for the CIOR Summer Congress

– There can be no better location to  remind us all of the obligations of our various nations of total support within the Alliance of NATO than here in Tallinn, Estonia. A very real threat to peace, to the stability and national safety which endures here. With...

cior_rothor 02.08.2019

CIOR Language Academy precursor to Summer Congress

The CIOR Summer Congress takes place 4-10 August in Tallinn, Estonia. The forerunner has been the CIOR Language Academy (CLA). The CLA held classes in French and English from July 20 to August 4, at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Tallinn. The CIOR...

CIOR Public Affairs 21.07.2019

CIOR President attends NRFC Summer Plenary: Warm reception and praise for MOU implementation

CIOR President Colonel (R) Chris Argent (UK) attended the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) Summer Plenary Meeting in Warsaw on 10 and 11 July. The President was warmly welcomed as a ‘special guest’. Brussels, 11 July 2019: The Chairman of NATO’s National...

CIOR Public Affairs 01.06.2019

Head US delegate attending retirement of SACEUR

Valuable CIOR networks: The US Vice President of CIOR, Brigadier General Michael J. Silva (R) recently attended the retirement ceremony for immediate past Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). Friday 31 May 2019: – General Curtis M. Scaparrotti was my last...

CIOR Public Affairs 09.05.2019

CIOR Delegates visit Estonian Battlefield Exercise

Tallinn 9 May 2019: CIOR delegates yesterday visited Exercise “Spring Storm” in Estonia. A part of the exercise was a battlefield first aid scenario after an artillery unit was hit by counter battery fire. The delegates witnessed an artillery battery...

CIOR Public Affairs 09.05.2019

Senior UK Army Reservist visits Estonian Exercise

Tallinn 9 May 2019: Major General Bill O’Leary from the UK (UK Deputy Commander Field Army and senior UK Army Reservist) yesterday visited Estonian Defence League (EDL) troops taking part in the  annual live exercise “Spring Storm”. EDL is a voluntary...

CIOR Public Affairs 04.05.2019

CIOR and CIOMR aiming at more cooperation

The presidencies of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and it’s sister organization for medics (CIOMR) met in Florence, Italy 25-28 April. The meeting took place in connection with CIOMR’s spring meeting – known internally in the...

CIOR Public Affairs 14.04.2019

Young Reserve Officer Seminar in Finland

The Young Reserve Officer Seminar this year took place in Finland, near Helsinki. Some 40 young reserve officers from eleven countries attended the three day event and took part in practical and theory on cross-cultural leadership and related topics. Led by the YROW...

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