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CIOR Public Affairs 03.07.2020

Delayed spring meeting in cyberspace

CIOR is this first week of July in the middle of its initial virtual conference involving all member associations. The IBM (”In-Between-Meeting”) scheduled for the spring but temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, takes place without the delegates physically...

CIOR Public Affairs 31.05.2020

Romanian Reserve Officers Association involved in fight against COVID-19

The Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) donated 460 medical visors to the Central Military Emergency University Hospital (SUUMC) in Bucharest and the ROL 2 Deployable Military Hospital, in function at the Ana Aslan Hospital in Bucharest. These are in addition...

CIOR Public Affairs 29.05.2020

International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

Today is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. CIOR and NATO celebrates the anniversary together with the United Nations. The theme this year is  ‘Women in peacekeeping: A Key to Peace’. “The International Day of United Nations...

First published in Dutch military science magazine ’Military Spectator’s  April edition 27.04.2020

China: Future Threat or Partner? Experts and Reservists Discuss Security Politics at the CIOR 2020 seminar

(This article was first published in Dutch military science magazine ’Military Spectator’s  April edition.) Since he came to power, President Xi Jinping has put China on the road toward a certain destiny. Central to the country’s economic, diplomatic and military...

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs. 01.04.2020

Summer Congress in Liege cancelled & Autumn Congress being planned

The Summer Congress scheduled to take plass in Liege, Belgium, at the beginning of August, has been cancelled due to the Corona crisis. This a decision by the CIOR Presidency, after discussion by CIOR’s Permanent Representative with the organisers of the...

CIOR Public Affairs 28.03.2020

Take care of yourselves and each other in these trying times!

Best wishes from CIOR’s Strategic Communication...

CIOR Public Affairs 10.03.2020

Winter survival training: First night in the field

First night in the field during last week’s winter warfare course in Sweden. The temparature was minus ten degrees Celsius and it was snowing,  but all students managed to build good shelters and get a good night’s sleep. Behind the seven-day course is the...

CIOR Public Affairs 07.03.2020

Winter survival Course: How to extract from Water safely

Participants at the introductory winter warfare course in Sweden have learned how to extract themselves from icy water safely – a vital part for survival. Reservists from Sweden, Estonia, Norway and the UK have for several days been training on surviving in the...

CIOR Public Affairs 06.03.2020

Reservist Winter Warfare Course in Sweden

Camp Ann, Sweden: Reservists from Sweden, Estonia, Norway and the UK have for several days been training on surviving in the field. Among much else they have learned emergency fire lighting drills. The seven-day introductory course, organised by the Swedish Reserve...

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