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Lt Sarah George, UK Army & 2nd Lt Catalin Florea, Romanian Air Force 24.02.2020

China expert at CIOR Seminar: – Should keep our minds open

The annual CIOR Seminar – titled “China, Threat or Opportunity” – opened on Saturday (22. Feb.) with introductions by former Swiss Ambassador Philippe Welti and Dr. Andreas Wolfrum* on Chinese strategic interests, culture and economy, setting the scene for...

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs 23.02.2020

Strong Outputs at Mid-Winter Meeting

The CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting was succesfully completed Friday. As tradition dictates, the two and a half days of intense and very fruitful working sessions were wrapped up with a closing session in the auditorium of the NATO Headquarters. By: Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col...

CIOR Public Affairs 23.02.2020

“Seminar 2020” launched in Bonn

The CIOR Seminar 2020 opened in Bonn Saturday morning, with over 50 participants from 13 nations. Among many European countries represented were also Australia, South Africa and the USA. The theme for this year’s Seminar is “China – Threat or...

cior_rothor 19.02.2020

CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting opened at NATO HQ

The Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM) of CIOR opened this morning at NATO headquarters in Brussels. By Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs and Major Jean-Francois Lambert, Canadian Armed Forces/ CIOR Public Affairs (Photo). The two and a half day...

cior_rothor 12.02.2020

CIOR President meets with ACT Chief of Staff

CIOR President Colonel (R) Chris Argent paid an office call on Chief of Staff Allied Command Transformation, Vice Admiral Paul Bennett CB OBE, during the CIOR Presidency’s visit to the NRFC Winter Plenary Meeting in Norfolk Virginia. Colonel Argent briefed...

CIOR Public Affairs 10.02.2020

CIOR Delegation meets with Canadian Reserve Leaders

The CIOR delegation participating in the NRFC winter meeting in Norfolk, Virginia last week, Saturday met with Canadian two- and one star Reservist leaders in Ottawa. The CIOR delegation met with Major General Mackenzie OMM CD, Chief of Reserves and Employer Support;...

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs 08.02.2020

CIOR Presidency Team in Cyber Discussion with NRFC

A team from the CIOR Presidency this week participated in the Winter Plenary Meeting of NATO’s National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) in Norfolk, Virginia. By: Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs The meeting took place at the...

CIOR Public Affairs 04.02.2020

CIOR Presidency visiting US ROA en-route to NRFC meeting

The CIOR Presidency team en-route to participate in the Winter Plenary Meeting of NATO National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) at Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT) in Norfolk, Virginia. On the way, the delegation was visiting the US...

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt Col (R) Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs 22.01.2020

CIOR President visits Nordic Presidium in Oslo

The President of CIOR, Colonel (R) Chris Argent, visited Oslo on 17 and 18 January to meet with both the Council of the Norwegian Reserve Officers Federation (NROF) and the Council of the Nordic Presidium.