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Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col (R), Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs. 25.07.2021

CIMEX 2021 only a week away!

The announcement of the CIOR Summer Congress also signals the coming of the annual CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) exercise, CIMEX. This year’s theme should be particularly interesting and highly relevant, so hurry and sign up, says CIMIC Chair, Major Zoe Stewart...

Roy Thorvaldsen, Lt. Col (R), Norwegian Army/ CIOR Public Affairs. 04.06.2021

IBM in Cyberspace

The CIOR Council, the organisation’s executive body, and its committee leads, last weekend met in cyberspace for the spring version of the twice-annual In-Between-Meeting (IBM). The chairman of NATO’s National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) also participated.

1st Lt. Susanna Takamaa, Finnish Reserve Officer Federation/ CIOR Public Affairs 06.04.2021

First decentralised patrol skill competition held in Finland

The Finnish Reserve Sports Association’s (Reserviläisurheiluliitto RESUL) winter patrol skill competition was planned for the spring of last year. The Corona pandemic restrictions that were introduced in March canceled “Pirkkajotos” only a day before the event...

Ole Kristian Haagenrud/Norwegian Reserve Officer Association (NROF) 25.03.2021

A demanding task

After six challenging days at the site of a terrible landslide in the small Norwegian village of Gjerdrum, which left ten people dead, reservists from the UTR-squadron at the Norwegian Home Guard’s district 2 could return home.

By: 1st Lieutenant Christi Judd, USA Air Force/CIOR Public Affairs. 18.03.2021

Reserve Airmen mobilized to assist national pandemic effort

On March 27 last year, the US President signed an Executive Order authorizing mobilization of the Reserve Component in response to COVID-19 operations – a task unlike any in the last hundred years. 

Sqn Ldr (R) Michael Cairns, Royal Air Force/ CIOR Public Affairs 10.03.2021

Visible contribution: Reservists a key part of society’s resilience

Reservists throughout the NATO alliance have been providing a significant and valued contribution to national efforts to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic. Each country has its own story on how reservists have been used. Here are a few examples.

Mr. Paul Strobel, Officer Cadet, Bundeswehr 04.03.2021

NATO’s Reserve Officers discuss Threats in the Arctic with international Experts

Is the far north really turning into a new area of conflict as the political rhetoric of recent years suggests? Are the melting ice caps revealing new threats to our security? Last week, NATO’s reserve officers met online to discuss this question with high-ranking...

Mr. Paul Strobel, Officer Cadet, Bundeswehr 27.02.2021

Rhetoric and perception often exaggerate the reality on the ground

The third and final day of the 2021 CIOR Seminar promised to keep the excitement of the first two days. Two guest speakers shared their views on the Arctic and whether the area is at risk for future conflict or not. By: Mr. Paul Strobel, Officer Cadet, Bundeswehr The...

Mr. Paul Strobel, Officer Cadet, Bundeswehr 24.02.2021

The Arctic – a geopolitical Hotspot

After a successful first day, anticipation for day two of the 2021 CIOR Seminar ran high. Two exciting talks waited for the participants. Dr. Duncan Depledge, Lecturer in Geopolitics and Security from Loughborough University introduced the CIOR Seminar participants to...

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