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Germany takes over Chairmanship of NRFC

CIOR Public Affairs 18.07.2020

On 1st of July, Germany took over the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) Chairmanship from Poland. With NATO Member States, the NRFC promotes and enhances the utility and interests of Reserve Forces and Personnel as a vital component of the National Forces and of the NATO Force Structure.

In a bilateral video-teleconference call, Major General Robert Głab (Poland) handed the responsibility of Chairmanship over to Rear Admiral Michael H. Busse (Germany).

Germany will now hold the chairmanship for the next two years.

In his farewell remarks, Major General Glab highlighted “the honour and privilege of chairing the NFRC”.

– As chair, my priorities were to facilitate and deepen cooperation between NRFC members, all NATO nations, and NRFC observers as well as to create the appropriate conditions for active participation in NRFC plenary meetings, he said.

He also commended Nations for the work carried out during his tenure and the Reserve Forces for their continued commitment.

NRFC’s new Chairman, Rear Admiral Michael H. Busse, German Navy, signing the NRFC Handover Certificate. (Video-teleconference screenshot by NATO HQ.)

After signing the NRFC Handover Certificate, Rear Admiral Busse emphasised the importance of the NRFC “as a forum to share information, experience, effective models, and solutions between Nations and observe ways in which joint activities build on international best practices”.

– I look forward to working with NATO and the NATO Military Committee who have always been strong advocates for the NRFC and understand the compelling requirement to exploit the inherent potential of reservists and Reserve Forces”, the new chairman said.

Created in 1981, as an interallied and joint committee and recognised as a NATO advisory committee in 1996, the NRFC is one of four entities dedicated to reservist issues: the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC), the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (known by its French acronym CIOR), the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) and the Confédération Interalliée des Sous-Officiers de Réserve (CISOR).

(Edited version of NATO headquarters website article and photo.)

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