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CIOR president: CIOR must become strong and reliable partner to NATO

LCDR Ingrid Mühing, CIOR STRACOM committee 02.07.2023

CIOR summer congress in Helsinki ended on Friday with rewarding MILCOMP winners and acknowledging organisers and supporters of the summer congess 2023.
„NATO is changing and CIOR needs to adjust itself with changes in new  security environment,“ LTC Toomas Luman, CIOR president said. „If co-operate and create synergy among ourselves – CIOR, CIOMR and CISOR as well as with our most signifcant counterparts – NRFC and NATO structures – we will become strong and reliable partner to NATO.
President thanked all participants who contribute their time and energy into service in reserves. He acnowledged especially Finnish Reserve Officers´Association as organisers of the congress for their extensive voluntary contribution into organizing the congress, seminars, symposium and MILCOMP as well as supporting in various supporting roles..
Next summer congress will be held in Tallinn, Estonia at summer 2024. At this congress Estonia will give over CIOR chairmanship to joint Nordic presidency.  CIOR council and committees will meet next time in Stockholm in November.


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