CIOR President visited Kyiv to discuss Ukraine's membership in CIOR

LT SG Mari Uuemaa, CIOR ASG org 24.03.2024
The President of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), LTC Toomas Luman accompanied Estonian Defence Minister Mr. Hanno Pevkur, on a diplomatic visit to Kyiv, Ukraine where he discussed about possibilities of Ukraine to join CIOR in future and possible actions and steps related to it.  

Ukrainian minister of defence Rustem Umerov, Mr. Pevkur, and LTC Luman held a trilateral meeting where they focused on clarifying the procedural framework for Ukraine's potential association as an associate member of CIOR. Emphasis was placed on aligning Ukraine's military reserve structure with CIOR's objectives and standards to ensure smooth integration into the confederation. Membership in CIOR would be the first step to bolster Ukraine's interoperability with allied forces and pave the way for joining NATO.

“Such an association would not only entail mutual benefits for both parties but would also serve as a testimony of Ukraine's dedication in upholding international peace and security.” said LTC Luman. “CIOR's extensive network within reserve communities across Allied countries provides Ukraine with crucial contacts that helps them to cooperate and integrate with NATO. Additionally, Ukraine's firsthand experience in employing reserves during a full-scale war would provide invaluable insights to the Alliance.” he added.

A significant highlight of the visit was the recognition bestowed upon the CIOR President for his unwavering support towards Ukraine during the war. In a small ceremony, he was awarded a Ministry of Defence of Ukraine medal "For Defence Assistance", acknowledging his valuable input in delivering of comprehensive assistance during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The charity campaign in support of Ukraine that was started by LTC Luman from the first day of the war has yielded over 4 million EUR in support of Ukraine. This substantial aid has been spent mostlyon vital medical equipment, which plays a pivotal role in mitigating the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict and saving lives on the battlefield.

Additionally, CIOR President extended an invitation to Mr. Umerov to attend the CIOR Summer Congress 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia, and to speak at the Symposium held during the Congress. While Mr. Umerov expressed interest in the invitation, he was unable to confirm his attendance at this time.

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