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CIOR and NRFC plan to take co-operation to the next level

LCDR Ingrid Mühing, CIOR STRATCOM Committee 14.07.2023

CIOR president LTC Toomas Luman presented CIOR´s plans to NATO´s National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) on July 6th at NRFC congress in Athens and discussed about taking co-operation to the next level.
CIOR, NRFC and IMS representatives agreed that NATO Military Committee´s documents concerning reserves must be updated and the first draft will be presented to NATO within three months. The working group responsible for developing the documents will include current president and next two presidents from Norway and Denmark as well as current secretary general. “We must get the documents ready in three months, because the approval process by 31 countries will take a long time. We would like to to get the documents ready as soon as possible, that the next presidency can start with new framework,” LTC Luman said.   
CIOR president proposed that in order to enhance co-operation with NRFC and NATO structures, the Mid Winter Meeting will be always held in NATO HQ together with the seminar. This enables to deliver CIOR´s messages directly to NATO´s decision makers and discuss reserves issues in most timely manner. He added that in future both organstions – CIOR and NRFC – should consider holding their summer congresses together.
"CIOR Summer Congress 2023 resulted with significantly stronger work reationship and enhanced co-operation between CIOR, NRFC and NATO in general," LTC Luman said. "Attendance of representatives of IMS Policy and Capabilities Division LTC Kenneth Myrup and NRFC Secretary General COL Kim Pedersen at CIOR summer congress clearly demonstrated NATO´s and NRFC´s interests to continue developing stronger connections and closer co-operation with CIOR.

As the first step in practical co-operation NRFC has asked CIOR to contribute into development of a cyber capability from reserves perspective. Recognising that most cyber experts are in the reserves and that a number of CIOR members have access to their skillsets, CIOR has already provided guidance in setting up cyber force from a reserve perspective and run workshops and events to brief on the subject.

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