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CIOR President met with NATO Secretary General and Chairman of Military Committee

Lt Mari Uuemaa, CIOR ASG org 17.11.2023

During the presentation ceremony and following talks Mr. Stoltenberg discussed with CIOR delegation current reserve related issues. He expressed his gratitude to CIOR for its invaluable work in support of reserve personel and to NATO,  and also his gratitude to all reserve officers for their unwavering dedication and service. Mr. Stoltenberg emphasized that the war in Ukraine has made NATO re-evaluate its policies concerning Reserve and Reserve Forces and wished CIOR to continue supporting NATO as strongly as for the last 75 years.

LTC Luman stressed the role of nations´ political leaders in rising people´s willingness to contribute to national defence and service in reserves: “We have held the expectation that Europe would experience enduring peace. After the Cold War nations have not invested enough to educate their people on national defence and explain military or other threats. People don’t understand their role in national defence and do not see the need to allocate funds or to contribute to national defence voluntarily.” said LTC Luman. “Though, changing this mentality rests on political decisions, not on military leaders,” he added.

During the office call with Chair of the Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer Reserve and Reserve Forces role in current conflicts was addressed.  Admiral Bauer assured that the Military Committee monitors the situation in Ukraine closely, emphasizing that the significance of reserve components in Ukraine should not be underestimated. Admiral Bauer explained that there are many options how to increase the reserves in NATO countries and all nations are working to strengthen their forces with the solutions that fit their current system the best. “Reserves are national matter, but in the end they must support collective defence of the Alliance,” he said. Admiral Bauer thanked CIOR for the annual report of CIOR, CIOMR and CISOR that were submitted to the Military Committee recently giving the Military Committee thorough overview on organisations´ activities, but also expectations and plans.

“CIOR, alongside CIOMR and CISOR, stands prepared to provide unwavering support to NATO as required. Currently, the co-operation between Military Committee and CIOR has been primarily one-way, with CIOR reporting to Military Committee. I hope that in the future, the committee will more effectively utilize the combined knowledge and experience that the three reserve organizations can bring." ended LTC Luman.

CIOR President presented the CIOR 75th anniversary medal No. 002 to Mr. Jens Stoltenberg and CIOR 75th anniversary medal No. 003 to Admiral Rob Bauer for their outstanding contribution to developing reserves and support to CIOR. They also received the special edition CIOR 75th anniversary book No. 002 and No. 003 respectively.

CIOR delegation consisted of :
CIOR President – LTC Toomas Luman
CIOR Secretary General – MAJ Andre Lilleleht
CIOR Assistant Secretary General – LT Mari Uuemaa

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