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CIOR President met with the chair of NRFC in Copenhagen

Lt Mari Uuemaa, CIOR ASG org 31.08.2023
Last week, a working meeting took place between the leadership of CIOR and NRFC. The meeting was attended by CIOR President lt col Toomas Luman and Secretary General maj Andre Lilleleht, as well as the NRFC Chairman brig gen Charlotte Ployart Wetche and Secretary col Kim Pedersen. The meeting was one of many to come to improve cooperation between CIOR and NRFC and to develop a road map on how to implement joint projects and shape the reserve policy in NATO.

One of the primary subjects discussed was the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was endorsed in 2019. Both parties concurred that substantial progress remains to be achieved in this domain however, holding a joint Mid-Winter Meeting in 2023 was a step in that direction. The potential for organizing another joint Mid-Winter Meeting at NATO HQ in the future, received consensus. It will give an opportunity to raise awareness of reserve issues to NATO decision makers but also raise the visibility of both organizations in NATO HQ.  Looking ahead, jointly developing different level training programmes for reservists was discussed.

Other topics revolved around policy formulation and advisory roles within NATO, as well as exploring potential actions that can be taken at the national level.

Considering the conflict in Ukraine, a mutual consensus was that raising awareness of reserve-related matters in NATO and the promoting the development of Reserves Forces in member nations is more important than ever. CIOR and the NATO National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) share the cooperative duty of offering guidance to the Military Committee regarding reserve-related concerns. The unique perspectives of these bodies amplify the significance of their cooperation: while NRFC advocates for policy matters and force development on behalf of NATO member nations' Chiefs of Defence, CIOR represents National Reserve Associations and concentrates on refining individual reservist training and fostering enhanced collaboration among units, with a special emphasis on international cooperation. This joint effort yields a more robust and comprehensive outcome compared to individual contributions.

Alongside their role in shaping reserve policy at the national level, CIOR and NRFC possess the opportunity to contribute to the formulation of NATO's reserves policy. Within NATO, it is the Military Committee that holds the responsibility for shaping reserves policy through its documents, which also directly involve NRFC and CIOR. The collaborative expertise of CIOR and NRFC plays a crucial role in the formulation and revision of these documents. This collaborative endeavour is crucial to maintain the pertinence and efficacy of our military reserve policies amidst the ever-evolving challenges.

In summary, the meeting proved highly productive and beneficial for both parties. A subsequent meeting has been scheduled, and a comprehensive roadmap has been established for the forthcoming activities aimed at translating the discussed ideas into action.

At the end, the CIOR President presented the CIOR’s 75th Anniversary Medals to the Chairman of NRFC brigadier general Charlotte Ployart Wetche (DNK) and Secretary of NRFC colonel Kim Pedersen (DNK) to recognise their significant contribution promoting and developing the Alliance reserve armed forces in addition to their personal support to CIOR.


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